His True Colours Chapter 4811

“It’s a laughing stock that a defeated army …… actually ran into our town and then told us that he was going to protect our townspeople.” “Han Qianqian, you’re afraid you’re not a fool, right? I’ll be D*mned, do you … more

His True Colours Chapter 4810

Where Han Qianqian was, it was not in any hidden or dangerous place, just standing somewhere high up on the gate of the city wall. Or rather, on top of the roof of the building where Luo Jin was resting. … more

His True Colours Chapter 4809

Once outside the tent, he could see the tent of Han Sanchi’s section in the distance, and the envoy’s face turned blue with anger: “Kill.” “Kill.” With a burst of trumpets, the entire camp of black-clothed men once again launched … more

His True Colours Chapter 4808

“Yes.” Scar was depressed, but nevertheless, he sent out his subordinates and asked Hai Jin and the other three departments to do as requested. A night, soon pa*sed. Because there was Han Qianqian’s in front to fend them off, so, … more

His True Colours Chapter 4807

“I promise you, if you dare to put this tent up tomorrow, the enemy will tear your tent down even if you don’t want to live.” “sh*t, why.” Scar wondered, “If you let the tent be set up, it’s fine, … more