His True Colours Chapter 4762

He added a million lions himself, while Han 3,000, whether or not there was support was secondary, because even if there was, it simply wouldn’t get through.

“Good point, but just think about telling Han Qianqian that since we intend to attack him, there is absolutely no way we will give him any chance to escape.”

“After the reinforcements are consolidated tomorrow morning, I want to double my numbers on the front line, and at the same time, don’t be too careless. Han Qianqian is a man who has done such great things after all, so we still need to be careful of his one-man ability.”

The envoy nodded, “What you mean, Elder, is the defence of the outer line?”

“Good, if Han 3,000 is defeated, he cannot sit around and wait for death, so he will surely choose to flee instead. If all 1.8 million people let Han Sanchiang escape, then think about it …… what is the difference between us and a place like the Heavenly Demon Fortress? It’s all nothing more than a disgrace on the pillar of shame.” The elder said.


indeed, if such a thing happened, I am afraid they would become a joke in the future.

They from this war zone would not be able to hold up their heads at the headquarters in the future.

“My subordinate understands, my subordinate will certainly send men to pack another three layers of defence directly outside our battle circle at that time, and at the same time, I will send a large number of elite teams to patrol here.”

No matter which line Han Qianqian broke through from, he would inevitably be hindered by the three layers of defence, while the patrols could be immediately supported if there were enough of them.

Once the support arrived, Han Qianqian would then fight more and more as more and more support would follow.

By then …… he is as trapped as he is dead.

“Good, then go and prepare.”


After withdrawing from the tent, the envoy was in a good mood.

So many people had died or lost at the hands of Han Qianqian, and now he had a chance to make a name for himself and defeat Han Qianqian.

Naturally, this was a very happy event.

In the future, his name would resound in the Demon Race.


Inside Night Sky City.

“Father, looking at the situation outside, the fight should start early tomorrow morning.”

Inside the City Lord’s residence, Luo Ying’er ran over in a hurry with her servant girl.

“Not bad.” Luo Jin put down the book he was reading in his hand, nodded and sighed, “Now that the army is pressing, the previous trial has pa*sed, and a fierce battle is inevitable.”

“Father, how is Han Qianqian’s side now? Is he still locked up in his private room?” Luo Ying’er asked hurriedly.

Luo Jin nodded, “According to the guards, Han Qianqian is in the private room every day and has not left half a step. However, you don’t have to worry, he is living a very prosperous life, every day he would order a lot of good wine and meat, this knows that he, Han Qianqian, lives inside, this to not know

If you don’t know, you’ll think that a pig is living in there.” I

Luo Ying’er’s mouth beamed, “Who’s worried? I just see that the situation is like this now, if he is still like that before, what can we do tomorrow?”

“Hey, the sky wants to rain, the mother wants to marry, some things can’t be stopped.” The servant girl barred her mouth and couldn’t help but say in a cold voice, “For a moment, I really thought that the city lord was right when he said that Han Qianqian had other plans, but the more I look at it …… no more no more, say again the lady will be unhappy in a moment.”

Although a few days ago Luo City Lord’s words indeed let several people are shouting Han three thousand God man, but the next few days and footsteps Han three thousand news came, let them a little bit of internal collapse.

Now, with the enemy’s troops in front of them, looking at the situation even made them completely disintegrate. After all, what Luo City Lord said, even if it was wonderful, was still speculation, but people

The 800,000-strong army was the real deal.

“I have news that the other side has also sent an additional one million troops.” Luo City Lord did not say even one word about the servant girl, just because he had gradually lost confidence in Han Qianqian even after hearing this news.

No matter how wonderful Han Qianqian messed up, it was not the slightest bit effective in the face of absolute suppression.

“Father, is that really the case?”

“It should be impossible to fake, I heard that it will arrive near Night Sky City tomorrow morning. I think …… Han Qianqian will really find it hard to escape this time.” Luo Jin shook his head helplessly.

Perhaps, perhaps Han Qianqian really had his own plan, but even the best plan could not withstand nearly two million men in black.

This was hitting a stone with an egg.

“Who says I can’t escape with my wings?”

Suddenly, just then, an intimidation came, and the three men almost startled themselves by looking back.

Han Qianqian!