His True Colours Chapter 4472

The gang went straight through the entrance at speed.

First, there was a small, deep pathway, extremely narrow, about a person’s width, Scar, wearing armour, went inside almost like a python into an eel hole, turning over and over all the way, giving the wall of the cave hitting the falling rocks.

However, although this look was a bit funny, but in any case, Su Yingxia and the others behind him, at least the way forward was much smoother, after all… the road was wider.

Su Yingxia also finally understood what it meant to say that in some places, when more people walk, it becomes a road.

Like Scar, you don’t even need too many people, where he walks up once or twice, then it’s already enough to press out a road.

As this goes inwards for about twenty metres, everything instantly grinds to a halt again.

A stone door, about two metres high, blocked the way.

The door was not very wide, nor was it very high, but when it was knocked hard enough, the reverberation of the door made it possible to tell that the door was not very wide.

The thickness of the door was at least a few dozen centimetres.

“Madam, it’s blocked, what should we do? How about I just smash it open?” Scar said.

Su Yingxia looked around, but there didn’t seem to be any mechanism around that looked like a door could be opened, but there were some strange patterns in the centre of the stone door.

She flew over Scar from above the narrow path and arrived in front of the door.

After a careful observation, Su Yingxia smiled gently.

Immediately afterwards, her finger lightly snapped on a certain moveable basilisk in the centre of the pattern, and her hand made a continuous stroke.

Subsequently, along with a sound of karabao, the entire stone door immediately stopped all rattling again.


After a short pause of a few seconds, it was accompanied by a dull thud.

Immediately afterwards, the stone door slammed around it and it slowly fell down.

“It’s open.”

Scar let out a startled cry, then looked at Su with an adoring face

Yingxia: “Madam, you’re too powerful, aren’t you?”

Su Yingxia smiled gently, “It’s just a small skill, you can always learn something by Han Qianqian’s side, no need to envy me, when you stay with him for a long time, you will be the same.”

With these words, Su Yingxia had already taken the lead and walked in.

Scar was longing for the day when he would be like Su Yingxia, capable of both civil and martial attacks, but when he saw Su Yingxia enter, he had to follow her for her own safety.

After entering through the stone door, Su Yingxia only walked forward about three metres before suddenly stopping.

There was no more road ahead, and underneath her feet, there was an abyss almost a hundred feet high.

In the midst of the abyss, layers of houses rose from the ground, and warm lights were spread all over the city, so that as far as the eye could see, ten thousand houses were lit up.

Scar, who was following closely behind, also stood still.

Looking at the scene in front of him, his eyes widened for a moment.

It was almost hard for him to believe his eyes, and even harder for him to believe that there was still such an underground city hidden beneath this Heavenly Demon Fortress.

One had to know that they themselves had already been living down in basements all year round to escape the war.

And of those basements, some of them were deep, even several metres deep already.

But in just such an environment, there was actually such a super world under the ground, which simply turned all his imagination upside down.

Immediately afterwards, those soldiers who followed after him began to be just like the two of them, directly dumbfounded in place one by one.

After a long time, Scar finally drew himself back from the shock.

He muttered, “There’s actually such a huge city within our Heavenly Demon Fort?”

“How is this possible?”

“It’s so huge, why didn’t we notice it at all?”

“Yes, when was it repaired and when was it used, as well as, the movement in this city, why did all of us in the Heavenly Demon Fort not notice it at all?”

The group of people were very confused.

Su Yingxia also felt a little incredulous, after all, this kind of city within a city, a city so terrifying and huge nowadays, even she found it very hard to believe.

Especially, such a large underground city, peace and quiet is better, ten thousand lights, then …… this has to be how many people ah.

The people up there, would they really not be aware of it at all?

Where did they come from? And what kind of people are they!

“Madam, let’s go down and have a look.” Scar really couldn’t hold back his inner curiosity and suggested at this point.

Su Yingxia nodded, “It’s possible that those people in black are guarding this place.”

“So …… be careful.”

The crowd nodded, and immediately after that, their group quickly touched towards the underground city again ……