His True Colours Chapter 4756

After finishing the call with Su Yingxia, Han Qianqian closed the barrier.

At the same time, the invisible boundary that had been secretly placed around the house had also been removed long ago, as if it had never appeared.

Han Qianqian acted as if nothing had happened, and his gaze continued to remain in the crowd on the street.

Like a spectator.

Outside the Night Sky City, the battle was still going on frantically.

However, compared to the bustle inside the city, the killing in the middle of the field was somewhat more ironic.

The black air was scattered, and the golden knights’ attacks were like a cloud of smoke.

Or the Golden Knight fell like a lion, with the last trace of resignation and defiance.

Scar, in his golden armour, was now covered in blood, and his body was also burdened with wounds; he was already exhausted from days of bloody battles.

He had to be busy both on the battlefield and with the management of his army, drawing

He was almost physically exhausted.

“Commander, when will this end?”

“We can still hold out a little longer, but you know that morale is a huge problem. Our soldiers, they can’t see a head at all.”

“Yes, the situation on the other three sides is not ideal either, so why don’t you hurry and ask the allies again, we ……”

As soon as they returned to the temporary meeting room of the Eight Desolate Worlds, several subordinates gathered around Scar with worry.

Accompanying Scar back was Hai Jin.

After days of bitter battles, the deference was at its weakest at this time of the day, and Hai Jin had said that those affected by the Qi of the Dragon Vein did have inexhaustible energy though, and also even had an immortal body.

But always everything has constancy and its weakness is the fear of sunlight.

Although the fear is not as exaggerated as it could be, it more or less affects their movements. The sun of the devils, though

does not look like a sun, but more or less hanging on to this name, it still has some face and strength.

Scar took this time to drag Hai Jin back, just to see how to go about setting out the next step in the book strategy.

His mind was burning up just thinking about it alone these days.

“What are you afraid of? Are we going to cross now, or are we going to lose?” Scar placed his lance on the table with a thud.

Immediately afterwards, he swept a glance at everyone present.

“Just because we’re using a rotation now doesn’t mean we’re falling apart, there’s a time difference of eight worlds, even if it’s half an hour inside the outside world, we’ve pretty much been resting here for a day.”

“So, although we are a bit tired, we are not unable to fight, so you all should still not panic so much.”

Hai Jin also stood out, “Good, the current situation is not a desperate one, we should not be so pessimistic, either.

Calling them to gather for a meeting is not to discuss what we should do next to save ourselves, but how to resist the enemy.”

With the words of the two men, several of the management suddenly felt a lot more at ease.

Indeed, the time difference of the perverted level of the Eight Desolate Worlds could indeed give them great strategic recuperation, and given the situation today, although it was a little hard to hold on, it was not the same as not being able to hold on.

“Commander, Vice Commander, our army is indeed sufficient to fight against the enemy today, however, let’s not forget one thing, the enemy army participating in the battle has an absolute advantage in numbers, after fighting us for so long, the number of troops they have deployed is not even a quarter of the total.”

“To put it bluntly, we are fighting and raising them at the same time, they are fighting and raising them even more than we are, and as time goes on, the advantage over us will only get bigger.”

“Yes, and, having fought for so long now, it was at first understandable that they were testing each other and

it may indeed be so, but after feeling it out then it could be thunder and lightning.”

“We are so many people, compared to them, a small fight is still possible, if it is a siege posture of the onslaught, then …… we simply difficult to resist.”

Scar and Haijin looked at each other and nodded.

Yes, this was exactly how difficult it was at the moment.

“This has been anticipated by Vice Commander Hai Jin and I. Not to mention anything else, we must take the first wave of the enemy’s attack no matter what, it’s nothing else, it’s simply our Polar Bear Legion’s fame and dignity.”

The crowd nodded their heads in succession.

Indeed, all of them knew how much money and energy Han Qianqian had expended for them, not to mention anything else, just for the sake of this breath alone, they had to fight their first beautiful battle.

“Fight for the Legion!”

“Fight for honour!”

“This battle will be won!!!”