His True Colours Chapter 4763

“Han …… Han 3,000?”

“What are you …… doing here?”

“Aren’t you…aren’t you supposed to be in a private room in the restaurant?”

The three men’s eyes were wide, obviously finding it hard to believe that Han Qianqian would suddenly appear at this time.

Han Qianqian smiled gently, “I’ve been staying in the private room for so many days, it’s quite boring, so I came out for a walk.

As soon as Han Qianqian’s words fell, the surrounding guards realized that Han Qianqian had somehow barged in and hurriedly rushed over.

The three of them were embarra*sed by Han Qianqian’s question, but luckily the guards’ arrival gave him a chance to break the awkward atmosphere.

He waved his hand, signaling the guards to stand down before laughing: “Oh, no chatting what, just now outside this city people have a large army pressed, a look is about to take action, we …… us this worry about you well, so …… chat We are worried about you, so chatted.”

“Chatting a chat to chat Han Mou to death ah?” Han three thousand said.

None of the three of them could answer this, and they each lowered their heads to the ground in embarra*sment.

Han Qianqian laughed: “I was just joking, if I were to die after being told a few things, then I’m afraid I’d have died many times.”

Han Qianqian’s words gave Luo Jin and the others a step to take, and Luo Jin lifted his head and smiled slightly, “Yes, Han warrior is a great warrior, so he is naturally very powerful. Come, take a seat in the inner room.”

“Ying’er, brew Father’s best tea for Grand Warrior Han.”

Luo Ying’er was a little excited that Han Qianqian had finally come out, and seeing that he did not refuse to drink the tea, she happily answered and went to fetch the tea with her servant girl.

The two of them stepped into the main hall and Han Qianqian took a seat on the guest seat.

Looking at City Master Luo, who had been smiling apologetically and with great enthusiasm, Han Qianqian did not intend to beat around the bush with him and opened the door directly: “Well, City Master Luo, you and I both know clearly that I definitely did not come here for tea.”

Of course Luo Jin knew very well, but it was just not good enough to ask the question first. Seeing that Han Qianqian had already opened his mouth, he did not intend to continue pretending and said, “Then may I ask what warrior Han needs?”

“Just ask, if there is anything I can do, I will do it.”

Han Qianqian smiled gently, “There is indeed a favour I need from City Master Luo.”

“Please go ahead.”

“I don’t see any grain being grown in Night Sky City, so I’m curious, where does the grain come from?”

“Night Sky City is mainly a trading city, so most of the grain also comes from trade.”

Han Qianqian smiled and frowned slightly, “Night Sky City doesn’t grow grain?”

Luo Jin shook his head, “No, it has not been planted, by the way, why is Master Han asking this?”

Han Qianqian was a bit distressed and shook his head, “You know I have a regiment of cavalry, tens of thousands of people, they have to eat and drink.”

Seeing that it was a solution to military food, Luo Jin smiled, “So, Warrior Han wants military food, that’s good, even if Night Sky City doesn’t grow food, but I can provide military food to Warrior Han, how much do you want?”

“If Lord Luo has any, he can give a rich out, and I can buy it at double the original price. Also, Han would like some seeds, which is the best, after all, as you know, it is better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish.”

Hearing this, Luo Jin’s brow furrowed, what does this mean?

“Teach someone to fish? Listening to the words of the warrior, it seems that …… is very confident about the future.”

If you can’t even get through this battle, why would Han Qianqian want the seeds? What’s the use?!

So, was Han Qianqian’s words meant to tell himself that he would surely win?

However, since Han Qianqian had not explicitly said so, he could not ask more questions, so he could only say, “If Master Han is that confident, about the seeds, although I do not have any in the City Lord’s residence for the time being, I can promise you that even if I go through every household in Night Sky City, I will definitely give you the seeds with both hands.”


“However, you should be clear that no one will work for a dead person.” Luo Jin said.

“Good, in that case, Han proposes a negotiation, what do you think?”

“Please speak, warrior ……”