I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1181

It was only then that he guessed that it should not be to help him out of the anger of Su Cheng for killing his father, or failing his mother and making him lose both his parents. For this was … more

I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1180

Before Fu Jingting could respond, Rong Shu had already raised her hand quickly, “I want it I want it, I want to see it.” She also wanted to know what kind of fight Ah Qi’s buddies had put on Su … more

His True Colours Chapter 4347

The man took a look at Han Qianqian and knew that although he was a human, he seemed to have some skills. “What do you want to know, just put out the fire before you say anything, otherwise, we will … more

His True Colours Chapter 4346

There was no response, as if this really was a city of the dead. “Is there no one there?” Su Yingxia said. “Such a big city, how could there be no one?” Han Qianqian frowned, not quite believing it. This … more

His True Colours Chapter 4345

“This time, we’ll set out in two ways.” “Where there are many people, we will go lightly, with very few people, with you and me at the centre, so that even if anything changes, with our abilities all of us … more