DYM Chapter 500

Just now, Ye Mo didn’t even come out in order to save her, and now Song Yingzhu could think with her toes that Ye Mo was buried by the collapse of the mountain rocks. This kind of mountain rock collapse, … more

DYM Chapter 499

Ye Mo entered the passage with a sweep of his divine sense and immediately swept up a Yin Soul hiding at the corner. If he had entered this place alone, he would not have cared about this kind of Yin … more

DYM Chapter 498

Ye Mo turned around and saw this snow-white fox was a bit strange, this fox did not catch up with itself during the day, why did it come again? Was it not afraid that he would chase it again? The … more

DYM Chapter 497

“Poof ……” Blood spilled down as if a line of water had suddenly broken a water pipe, and it took a few seconds for Exxon’s headless body to collapse. Jiang Chuanwu looked dumbfounded at a head that had rolled a … more

DYM Chapter 496

“Get lost ……” These two guys were actually smoking in front of their tent, and the smell of cigarettes was all pouring into their tent. Song Yingzhu couldn’t hold back any longer, even if she had a good temper, she … more