I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 977

He hadn’t quit smoking at all, on the contrary, I’m afraid he still smoked a lot. Only, none of it was visible to her, so she thought he had quit. Now she realised that she was a pure and simple … more

I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 976

As she walked, she pondered what excuse she should use to take Mum and Dad away. After all, they had only been here a short time and there was still a lot of food on the table, so if there … more

I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 975

“Dad, what’s wrong?” Gu Man’er looked at Gu Yaotian who was next to her and asked in confusion. Gu Yaotian nudged his mouth towards Madam Gu, “Your mother is calling you.” Hearing that it was Mrs. Gu calling her, Gu … more

I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 974

“Hmm.” Fu Jingting fondled his chopsticks for a moment, a fine aura flashed in his eyes, “You should know that Gu Yaotian and his wife, before they even suspected that you were their daughter, right?” Rong Shu nodded, a hint … more

His Secret Lover Chapter 1899

“Hmm?” Lan Shanshan looked up now, a little unresponsive. “I …… I didn’t.” “No? Then why have you become all nonchalant now? Also, your eyes have been dodging, Shanshan, don’t be afraid, if anything really happens, you tell auntie, auntie … more