His True Colours Chapter 4978

Bang, bang, bang!

The rain of swords fell wildly, smashing the ground furiously in a matter of moments.

Many of the men had just launched a charge, but they were knocked back several steps under the rain of swords falling wildly.

The rain of swords either penetrated their bodies or caused violent explosions all around them, making the participants’ hearts tremble.

“The Alliance Master really did not lie to me, the might of this sword formation is really brave.”

Looking at the enemies who were constantly being injured by the sword rain, at this moment, Tiger’s tooth forgot about the injuries on his body and was only filled with excitement.

“Hit him.”

Although Tian Hong was not directly wounded by the sword rain, the wave of Qi generated by the explosion around him still shook him to his core, and just as he looked up in depression, he happened to see Tiger’s Tooth who was looking smug, and immediately ordered directly in the middle of the explosion.

Anyone who was not injured immediately got up and aimed a direct hit at Tiger’s Tooth.

Brush brush brush.

Several attacks leapt straight out from the blast

and attacked the tiger’s teeth.

The tiger’s teeth, who was in the throes of excitement, did not expect the other side to have such an attack, and faced with the incoming attacks, he wanted to dodge, but there was no time.

Bang Bang Bang!

Several attacks hit his body solidly.

After a series of explosions, Tiger finally lost the battle and with a thud, his body fell straight into the wall, after which he shrank all the way to the floor where he sat.

He was just about to speak when a large mouthful of blood came straight out of his throat.

Seeing that Tiger Tooth had been knocked down, Tian Hong finally had a smug smile on his face and walked up to the soldier with a few steps, looking down at Tiger Tooth who was sitting against the wall: “Weren’t you quite proud of yourself just now? What? Now you’re sitting here like a dead dog?”

Tiger’s tooth struggled to get up, but how could his body, which had just suffered a painful blow, hold him up again?

He struggled a few times but

The blood in his mouth flowed even harder.

“You are really bold, being one of us and you dare to betray us, don’t you know that you will disappear for eternity without your dragon veins?”

“Moreover, even if you are not afraid of death, you should not live too long, why don’t you just go and live happily for a while? Why don’t you just go and live happily for a while, and come to me to cheat on food? Tell me, how many more of you are out there, and who is behind you.”

“If you satisfy me, I will let you die as I said before, but if you don’t, you should know how many ways I can torture you.”

The tiger breathed heavily, after a short recovery he was still unable to move, but at least now, the blood in his throat was no longer so overbearing as to block him from even speaking.

“Hmph, a mere defeated underling, and you dare to strut your stuff in front of old me? If not for

you were outnumbered, just by you?” Tiger’s teeth were full of disdain.

Tian Hong was furious, but he didn’t need to get too angry until he had too to information, he just looked at him coldly, “Cut the crap, are you going to tell me or not?”

“If you want to kill me, I’ll do whatever you want. You want to get information from me, don’t you know that I’m a member of the intelligence team? Don’t you know I’ve been through special training? Are you afraid of your torture?” With these words, Tiger patted his chest, “If you have any ability, you can use it on me.”

“Fuck, toast the wine, you bastard, you really think I can’t handle you?” Tian Hong was furious and bellowed back, “Come on, arrest this bastard and serve him with great punishment!”

Two soldiers smiled, and with a few steps they walked up to Tiger’s Tooth, followed by one of them holding one arm and dragging him straight up from the ground.

But at that moment, Tiger Tooth, who was being held up, suddenly harrumphed

laughing loudly.

“To the point of death, and you’re still laughing?” Tian Hong frowned, “What? Knowing that you can’t escape, you’re pretending to be a tough guy with me here?”

Tigertooth was still laughing, “No, no, no, I just suddenly remembered something.”

“What did you remember? Don’t be a fucking liar with me.”

“A phrase came to mind.” Tiger looked up and looked at Tian Hong, “Tell me that phrase and I’ll tell you anything you want to know.”

Tian Hong was furious, and as soon as he stepped forward he grabbed Tiger Tooth directly by the collar, “Fuck, one minute you won’t tell me, the next you will, what the fuck are you playing at?”

Tiger Tooth smiled, “I’m really going to say it. Because I just remembered that the man at the top of my family told me that if I was caught, I could surrender because, well, it would only be his own fault for not being able to save me.”

With those words, Tiger Tooth raised his eyes to the top of his head, revealing a heady grin ……