His True Colours Chapter 4772

Just waiting for the right time!

Almost at this time, Scar in front of the line was not as calm as Han Qianqian.

He was very anxious, very anxious, it was already some time after dawn, but the opposite side had not attacked yet, their side had already beaten the drums, grandmother, what the hell?

“Vice Admiral.”

“My subordinate is here.”

“What the f*ck is going on across the street? It’s been almost an hour since dawn, why the f*ck is the other side still standing there without moving.” Scar ran out of patience.

Given his nature, if he wanted to fight, he could not bear to fight, so he could not bear to dilly-dally.

“I don’t know, the scouts in front have scouted a few times, this …… is no way to know why they are standing there still. I can’t let the scouts catch two of the many people back and ask what’s going on, right?” The subordinate is also full of helplessness, said.

The scar is speechless: “f*ck!

Are these people deliberately dragging us out, are they trying to play psychological warfare with us?”

The subordinate bowed his head, “What about it? Should we let the soldiers rest for a while?”

“No.” Scar hastily refused, “With just this number of men, if we rest, we will inevitably mess up our formation, and if the enemy launches a surprise attack at this time, then we will really be completely finished.”

The more Scar thought about it, the more depressed he became, f*ck, it was too pa*sive, people were directly lined up in one big army, but his side was not!

“Order the troops to remain patient! Be ready to meet the enemy at any time!”


Reason eventually won out, and as annoyed as Scar was, he knew in his heart that holding onto the basics was the right thing to do at the moment.

Incompetent rage would only disrupt what should have been the plan, thus creating more opportunities for the enemy.

As Scar gave the order, the restless crowd settled down

The soldiers were, of course, anxious, but more at a loss, and with the orders from their superiors, naturally their emotions were greatly calmed.

Soldiers, of course, obey orders as a matter of principle.

The soldiers waited for more than three hours.

From the warmth of the early morning to the pain of the sun at sunrise, even for the highly qualified Polar Bears, the double torture of mind and body was very uncomfortable.

Wearing such thick clothing, the men themselves were prone to fatigue and heat, which naturally became even more unbearable under the scorching sun.

Add to that the fact that they kept being worn down by the other side, and it was really, really hard.

“Commander, it’s almost noon, this enemy army is still not moving.” The subordinate was somewhat speechless.

Scar’s face was icy cold, forcing down his anger and said, “These b*****ds, they don’t know what they are up to, do you have any comments?


“Brother, I’m not sure. But, looking at them, it’s not like they want to take advantage of the noon time to raid us while we’re eating, right?”

Having fought for so many days, both sides were basically familiar with each other, and the Polar Bear Legion’s side knew that the other side’s attack was weakest at noon, so all along, they had set noon as the time to eat.

In turn, the enemy could indeed take this opportunity to sneak up on them.

Just as Scar was about to endorse his opinion, at that moment, the subordinate shook his own head again, “But not so much, there are so many of them, there is absolutely no need to play any tricks with us.”

“Besides, if they want to raid, they don’t have to put so many people in front of the line, it’s not like they’re clearly ruining their own raid plan cleanly.”

The number of people will certainly attract the attention of the other side, in the case of the other side’s attention then naturally

The point of a sneak attack would be completely lost.

Therefore, he quickly rejected this idea after he had said it himself.

“Neither here nor there, so what on earth is it? I just don’t believe it, they shouldn’t be able to set up so many people to play with us, should they?” Scar said indignantly.

“Definitely not a game, commander-in-chief, they must have an agenda, we don’t need to be angry about it, anxious about it, just wait. ”

Scar thought about it, but eventually nodded.

This was the only option at the moment.

Time, again, pa*sed in an annoying wait of about two quarters of an hour, and the sun slowly rose above the very top.

Noon had arrived.


The sound of a long cry suddenly rang out in the enemy’s formation, followed by a roar of ten thousand iron horsemen, which actually shook the ground.


A wild roar that shook the sky.

“Yes …… has launched an attack across the street!”