His True Colours Chapter 4810

Where Han Qianqian was, it was not in any hidden or dangerous place, just standing somewhere high up on the gate of the city wall.

Or rather, on top of the roof of the building where Luo Jin was resting.

But the problem is that ……

When did this guy get here?!

Although everyone was resting last night, but, after all, it was a quiet night last night, so they could easily hear if there was a breeze.

Especially, also moving around the crowd.

You know, although they are watchers, but after all, everyone knows that swords have no eyes, so, all along, there are some private experts of various watchers guarding the side of the city wall.

They cooperated with each other and formed a defence line of their own.

During normal times of war they were responsible for warding off the excesses of battle, and in the quieter evenings they were mainly on guard duty.

But Han Qianqian was completely unaware of them

Not only did he blend in, but he was standing at their head.

If Han Qianqian had not spoken at this moment, I am afraid they would still have found it difficult to discover his presence.

“Han Qianqian, on the battlefield, hot-blooded men, you’re f*cking playing dirty tricks, if you have the guts, come down and fight through, I’ll let you have 100,000 soldiers and horses.”

“Yes, if you are a man, then you should fight hard, but you are here to do some girly stuff, is that interesting?”

A group of fellow soldiers scolded on the spot.

The special envoy also slightly raised his head and looked at Han Qianqian: “I say Han Qianqian, at least you are considered a hero, if you come to the pain, the battle is elegant, but not a waste of your great name, so like this as a rat, seems …… you are too low yourself, right? ”

Han Qianqian laughed: “Yesterday when I was beating tens of thousands, even a hundred thousand or so, how come you guys didn’t say such things? At that time, just pin the tail behind as a big tail


“You can’t have an IQ, so you say that other people engage in some p*ssy chirping, what, you guys weren’t born of your mother?”

With a single word, Han Qianqian directly gagged them back up.

“Han Qianqian, cut the crap, I don’t want to do any verbal battles with you, you have the guts to come down and fight, what do you mean now? Holding the people of my Night Sky City hostage?”

Han Qianqian smiled, “Couldn’t it be, no?”

“We all fight as gentlemen, why do you have to be so mean? To hurt innocent people?”

Han Qianqian disdained, “You’re really funny, innocent people? Fine, even if they are innocent, so what? When you attacked this place, did you not think of moving the people of Night Sky City out in advance? Since you didn’t, what does that mean? It means that, in fact, you guys didn’t take them seriously at all either, am I right?”

The envoy was furious, there are some things that people understand, but moving **

to the face, that was a little too embarra*sing.

“Han Qianqian, Night Sky City is a city, how do we evacuate innocent people? How about this, you let the whole city out, I can promise you a condition, of course, this condition can’t be too excessive.”

Han Qianqian smiled: “How can we not be too excessive? For example ……”

“For example, you want to delay for a day and a half before I can drive you to extinction.”

Han Qianqian said, “That sounds interesting, but you’ve taken the wrong attitude, because how do you know that it must be you who will drive me to extinction, and not me who will drive you to extinction? Once it’s the latter kind of situation, wouldn’t the request you gave amount to nothing?”

“I am strong in arms and horses, and I will lose to you?”

“Some things are hard to say until the end.”

“Good, then name a demand, I’ll listen to it, and if I can meet it, I’ll satisfy you.”

The lives of the people of Night Sky City

Although it wasn’t that important, it was still one of their economically important cities after all. Originally, he didn’t even care how many people were killed or injured in Night Sky City, after all, catching Han Qianqian was the top priority.

However, since Han Qianqian had made this clear, he had to take care of Night Sky City’s emotions, as long as the request was not too excessive, there was nothing to it.

“I make a request?” Han Qianqian smiled, “Good, then how about you call me grandfather?”

“Han Qianqian, don’t get ahead of yourself.”

“That’s right, who are you that you dare ask our envoy to address you like that?”

Han Qianqian laughed and waved his hand, “You can’t even meet this requirement, and you still have the nerve to mention this to me? However, the little master is not like you.”

“I won’t touch a single person in Night Sky City, and, I declare that …… the safety and security of Night Sky City will be guarded by me!”

The words fell, the crowd froze, and then laughed loudly ……