His True Colours Chapter 4790

Hai Jin and Pei Mu, Pei Yuan have converged.

Although the war is tight on the front lines of the various departments, but after fighting for so long, everyone is divided into troops for war, like headless flies, therefore, it is still necessary to meet as soon as possible to discuss countermeasures.

The good thing was that the Evil Taotie had stayed over there, it was only one person, but with his speed, he could still quickly rush over to whichever side needed support immediately.

“Scar, the manpower is already seriously low, if the enemy launches a second wave of attack, I think …… we won’t be able to hold up as well.” Hai Jin said.

Scar nodded, after his brief victory, he still quickly recognized the reality: “Although we have the Evil Taotie to help us, but after all, there are just too many enemies, as long as we divide our troops to hold him back, then, we can be wiped out in the time it takes to hold him back.”

“Yes, so we have to formulate a strategy accordingly tonight, no matter we lose or win, at least, we have to die standing up.”

“How about a defensive line contraction?” Pei Yuan spoke up.

The smaller the defensive line shrunk, the easier it would naturally be to connect with each other, but the downside of this was that they were surrounded by a smaller one as a result.

Just like the filling in that bun, they could not move.

“The smaller the range of the cavalry rushing up, the smaller the killing power will be, we are already very few in number, if… if we are to engage in this strategy, we will only become more and more dangerous in time.” Hai Jin said.

Pei Yuan said, “But Uncle Hai Jin, we are already dangerous in ourselves, holding a bigger place without people is just as much a realm of death.”

Yes, what can you do if you are given a city of ten thousand miles? The troops are not strong enough to resist, it is not your own after all.

“Let’s follow Pei Yuan’s opinion, we have no choice now but to bring the remaining 10,000 or so points of troops as close together as possible, so that, at least, we can still hold out for some time.” Scar said.

Hai Jin thought for a moment and nodded, “That’s all we can do.”

“How about this, after the defensive line shrinks, we adopt a book strategy of upper and lower horses, Pei Mu has the weakest troops at the moment, you take care of it more on your front side, while Pei Yuan and my part echo each other. Once the other side attacks, we will fight if we can, and if we can’t, we will try to move closer to the echoing side, and eventually, complete the mission.”

Hai Jin did not use the word victory but mission, he knew very well that they would not win this battle.

“Good, so be it decided.” With those words, Scar glanced at Hai Jin and Pei Yuan and Pei Mu with some reluctance.

With a sigh, he spoke, “Once we part at this point, I am afraid that the four of us will be saying goodbye forever.”

“Without further ado, it has been an honour in my life for Scar to have known you all, and if there is an afterlife, I would still like to be friends with you.”

Hai Jin nodded, “I hate to meet you, Scar, take care.”

Pei Mu and Pei Yuan also looked at each other, Pei family men, with very different personalities, but surprisingly unanimous about their last choice.

“Let’s move, everyone.”

After saying a word, Scar took the lead and turned around with his gun to rush to the front line, only, without taking two steps, he suddenly stopped.

“Look guys ……”

The only thing I could see in the distance was peace and quiet, and the army that had been fully loaded on the opposite side of the line was only partially kept in place, and was obviously quite empty behind them.

“What does the enemy army mean by this? No more fighting tonight?”

Looking back at the other three sides, the situation was almost identical to this side.

Judging from experience, it seemed that the other side had really given up and was not prepared to fight any more.

“Strange, after that gang had suffered such a great insult, would they not immediately come to take revenge, instead they just go back to camp and sleep?” Scar rubbed his head, somewhat confused.

“Yes, they were just now reorganizing their troops and getting ready for the second attack, how …… how we discussed for a while after, but back to the eyes already ……” Hai Jin was also a bit puzzled .

When they lose, they will definitely think of ways to outsmart us.”

Pei Yuan also agreed, “I think so.”

Scar stroked his chin, thinking carefully, and after a moment, he suddenly spoke, “How about?”

Hai Jin instantly understood in seconds, “Or ……”

It was obvious that everyone had an unspoken message, since it was a cross between death and death, if you don’t hit me, I’ll f*cking come and hit you.

But at this moment, a small soldier suddenly ran over, “Commander, the alliance master has an order!”