His True Colours Chapter 4730

Outside the city gates, Han Qianqian stood up slightly.

Looking towards the distance, he could indeed see dense black shadows running towards this side.

“sh*t, look guys, Han Qianqian is actually standing alone on the city gate, what does he mean by that?”

“Hardly, does he want to rely on himself?”

“What are you dreaming of? Can’t you see that there are people coming from all directions? Even if he Han Qianqian is more powerful, even if he is a god, what can he do? One man fighting hundreds of thousands of people, a fool’s dream.”

“I think he wants to run away, doesn’t he have a woman with him? How come he didn’t even bring it along? What does that tell us?”

“Yes, it’s possible, he really is trying to run away.”

A bunch of people were talking and pointing.

Luo looked on without saying a word, in fact, everyone was more in the mindset of watching the fun, it was always none of their business after all anyway.

It was only

It’s just that the pressure has been on for too long, as well as everyone really wants to see how godly Han Qianqian really is.

Slowly, amidst Luo Jin’s worries, the black shadows had gotten closer and closer to Night Sky City.

It wasn’t until a quarter of an hour later that the entire encirclement had basically set in, surrounding Night Sky City in a large circle.

All the black shadows were just a kilometre away from Night Sky City, far away.

“Han Qianqian.”

The envoy rode his horse from the back of the crowd and walked, pointing angrily at Han Qianqian.

Han Qianqian smiled faintly, “Coming?”

“Hmph, I know you have some skills, but so what? You are really bold, to actually wait for me here obediently for three days.”

Han Qianqian laughed, “There is no way, someone is eager to die, can I not wait?”

“Joke, I’m in a hurry to die? Open your dog’s eyes wide, you’re surrounded by my people on all sides, do you know how few there are?”


San Qian shook his head, “Rather, I don’t know how many there are.”

“Hmph, not many, just 800,000 or so men and horses.” The envoy said in a cold voice, “Originally, we had more men and horses, but then, to deal with you, we didn’t think we needed too many men, so we only deployed about a quarter of the troops in this vicinity.”

These words were both a flirtation with Han Qianqian, and at the same time, the envoy was warning all the people of Night Sky City that we had plenty of men and horses, so it was best not to have any crooked thoughts.

It was also true that after these words were spoken, many of the merchants in the city instantly took a small step backwards visibly.

Han Qianqian, however, still smiled, “That’s a pity, perhaps if you adjusted all your men and horses, you could really cause me a huge problem.”

“Unfortunately, gullibility will cost you dearly.”

“A price? Haha, Han Qianqian ah Han

Three thousand, what are you bragging about? Eight hundred thousand troops still can’t deal with you? Let me ask you, how many men and horses do you have?” The envoy asked in return, “As far as I know, you don’t seem to have a single soldier, do you?”

Anyone who moved in this forest, he could see clearly. In fact, the forest had been quiet for the past three days, so Han Qianqian had not sent any reinforcements over at all.

As for Han Qianqian recruiting troops in Night Sky City it was even more unlikely, even if these people had the guts to do so, they would only dare to have a few thoughts in their minds.

If they were asked to help Han Qianqian directly, they would not dare to do so even if they were given ten guts.

Han Qianqian shook his head: “Although I have always been confident, I am definitely not too blind. To deal with you, how can I be enough alone? Of course, I definitely have soldiers as well.”

“Then where are your soldiers?” The envoy


It was clear that he was the only one there, so, in the end, Han Qianqian was simply just bragging.

“Where my soldiers are, you’ll find out later.” Han Qianqian said, placing his gaze above the elder beside the envoy.

Intuition told Han Qianqian that this guy was truly the biggest trouble.

When that man saw Han Qianqian looking at himself, he smiled gently and looked back at Han Qianqian: “Since Your Excellency said that you have soldiers, then I believe that You really do have soldiers.”

“Only, your Excellency should know very well that any troops you have here are just cannon fodder, why don’t I come up with an idea, what do you think?”

Han Qianqian smiled gently, “Fine, go ahead, I’d like to listen to it.”

The envoy wanted to speak, but was stopped by that elder, followed by a soft smile towards, “I have an idea that is simple ……”