His True Colours Chapter 4765

“Quite simply, this guy is quite literally on the run.”

“And, the time is tomorrow.”

Lok approached with a slight frown and looked to the servant girl, “Ming’er, what does this mean?”

“Master, it’s simple, what is the purpose of Han Qianqian coming here? Why do you need so much grain? He says it’s because so many of his men and horses need to eat, but isn’t that ridiculous?”

“If he really wanted to fight, he should have come to us before to solve this problem of not having enough food, instead of waiting until now, right? After all, what commander doesn’t plan for a rainy day before the battle begins? Bring enough food and provisions? Have to wait until the fight is on to solve it?”

“So this is simply a front.”

“Just a reason to ask for some rations for yourself.”

The two fathers and daughter looked at each other, and although what the servant girl said was a little radical, it was not without merit.

It was also true, as a matter of fact, that Han Qianqian lacked

It is not incomprehensible that Han Qianqian is short of food, but it is curious that he only suddenly asked for food after so many days of fighting.

Therefore, the servant girl’s words made sense.

“I’m afraid Han Qianqian knows very well that even if he escapes, I’m afraid he definitely won’t be able to escape the chase that easily, so he wants some food to find a good place to hide, so no one can find him.”

Luo Jin nodded, but there was still a doubt in his mind, “The grain he wants is at least the amount of tens of thousands of people, this grain is enough for him to eat for the rest of his life if he eats it alone, so what does he need seeds for again?”

“Isn’t that superfluous?”

The servant girl smiled, “It does seem redundant, but then again why can’t it be a wonderful stroke by Han Qianqian?”

“What about that?”

The servant girl smiled and continued, “Just because he said this, that’s why everyone seems to think that people are going to seed Han Qianqian

What does that mean? It means that people think that Han Qianqian thinks he can win, so everyone naturally has confidence in him and won’t be suspicious.”

One sentence really spoke to Luo Jin’s heart.

Indeed, he had felt the same way when he heard that Han Qianqian wanted food, but immediately after hearing the seeds, he chose to believe in Han Qianqian, and even thought that he had some kind of magic weapon against the enemy.

Now that he had been reminded of this by the servant girl, he had to admit that she had a very good point.

When he thought of this, Luo Jin was speechless.

If that was the case, then he had really been tricked by Han Qianqian.

Luo Ying’er also really did not know what to say, she was unable to refute, although the servant girl with strong personal emotions, but must admit that she said so.

It did seem like the work of a smart person


“Father, what do you think ……” Luo Ying’er looked at her father.

She could not say that she was shaken, but at least she was beginning to doubt herself a little and did not know how to make up her mind.

If the younger one was like this, what could the older one do? Luo Jin was also full of questions.

“I don’t know about this either, hey, forget it, let’s not think about him, let him be. If he escapes, the big deal is that I’ll just sell my grain to whoever I want, and I won’t lose if he pays double the price anyway.”

“If he wins, I’ll be a creditable person, and I’ll win tax-free in the future, but as for the rest, let’s not worry about it.”

“These days, worrying a lot, I’m really bored to death.”

Up to now, Luo Jin’s mind was a mess, no other, it was just too much up and down.

One moment he felt Han Qianqian was stupid and went to worry for him, the next he found him lying flat and was half P*ssed off, and the next moment the peaks and valleys turned

The next moment, the peak turns around, and the next moment, he thinks he’s a miracle worker, but soon after the thought of it all goes away instantly.

Now …… will not be more to say, they began to disintegrate the trust in Han three thousand again.

So, instead of repeatedly jumping around, it’s better to just come to a clean break and start to break the “love thread”.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.

Although she was not very willing to abide by her father’s words, but after all, he had some truth in what he said, and now that the situation was like this, and Han Qianqian was like this, she really did not know what to do.

She nodded her head and said nothing more.

“Go and order someone to distribute the grain in the warehouse to Han Qianqian.” Luo Jin instructed, got up and left.

And at this time, Han Qianqian, after coming out of the Luo Mansion, with a mysterious smile on his face, unprecedentedly did not return to the tavern, but walked in a certain direction towards the city ……