His True Colours Chapter 4769

“Take up arms!”


Over ten thousand golden lances, shining golden under the early sun!

“Today, the enemy is bound to launch a fierce attack, I don’t want to say more than necessary, I thank my brothers for tearing their lives apart for so many days, you are telling all the people in this world that there are no goons in our Heavenly Demon Fortress, you are also telling all the people in the world that although our Polar Bear Legion comes from gra*s roots, it is by no means inferior to any legion. ”

“Roar! Long live the Polar Bear Legion!”


The soldiers below the line, shouting in anger and awe, took over.

Scar raised his hand lightly and the sound stopped.

“Gentlemen, today, may be our last battle, but since we have come to this point in the battle, there is no reason to retreat. If we want to fight, we have to fight with our momentum, and if we want to fight, we have to fight with our majesty, don’t you think so!”

“Go forward, fearlessly!”

“Forward and fearless!”

“Onward and upward, fearless!”

Another 10,000 people chanting in unison!

“Good, brothers, when the battle is fought, let us each live in peace and fight in blood!”


The shout was so loud that it was astonishing to their ears.

“It seems that the man on the other side has quite a strong aura.”

The envoy also arrived at the front of the position early in the morning, watching the situation from afar, and could not help but secretly exclaim when he heard the shouting from the opposite side.

His subordinate beside him was full of disdain: “What is the use of relying on shouting when you rely on your skills and numbers to fight and kill in battle?”

The envoy waved his hand, “Don’t say that. Morale is very important, and there have been countless cases in the past and present of winning with less. Apart from the timing and the terrain, the most important thing is the harmony of the people.”

“If the troops have morale, they will go forward, but if they don’t have morale, they are just old lions and are not enough to worry about.”

“You have to praise them for having such morale even now. In your eyes, the ridiculousness of what they are doing today is only because we are so numerous and have so much superiority.”

Despite being enemies, from the bottom of his heart, the envoy admired the cavalry.

It was interesting to see how they had been able to keep up with them for so long with a mere 20,000 men.

“My subordinate understands.”

“When they die, find a place to bury them.” The envoy said.

“Envoy you …… should not they be refined into our people according to the usual rules?” The subordinate doubted.

“No, show enough respect for an opponent you respect, this group, they deserve it.”

“My subordinate understands.”

“Are the troops ready?”

“Report to the envoy, they are ready.”

“Good, order everyone to stand by in place, and once it is noon, officially launch a general attack.”



Ta-da-da ……

Inside the City Lord’s residence, although Luo Jin said that he would cut off the threads of his troubles, he still couldn’t resist getting up early and sitting on top of the main hall, although his subordinate had poured a cup of tea, he didn’t take a sip.

He was worried in his heart.

Just then, a servant returned.

When he saw the servant, he was first anxious, but then he returned to his normal self.

“My lord, outside the city there is already a large army arrayed and set in position, and it seems to be about to strike.”

Nodding, Luo Jin did not speak, clearly waiting for something.

“Oh, over at the tavern, the door to the private room is still closed, and from what the guard’s said, Han Qianqian is sleeping happily inside.”

Luo Jin frowned, “Who cares what he Han Qianqian is doing, what I asked you to report was information from outside the city.”

The subordinate was speechless, obviously you asked me to check the situation outside the city and see what Han Sanchi is doing, and when I reported just now, I was waiting for myself to report on Han Sanchi’s situation.

However, he did not dare to say anything, he could only be bored.

“Yes, yes, yes.”

Of course, Luo Jin did not sincerely blame the servant, it was just that he had spoken out in the first place, and this time out of concern for Han Qianqian, this face can not pa*s ah.

“By the way, is there going to be a fight soon? Come with me to the city walls and take a look.”


By the time Luo Jin arrived at the city gates, arranged by his servant, the gates were by now already crowded with people.

As he pa*sed by the tavern, Luo Jin could not help but look upwards to see if Han Qianqian was still sleeping.

However, at this time, Han Qianqian’s window suddenly opened ……