His True Colours Chapter 4467

At this moment, Han Qianqian flew up into the sky.

The Pan Gu axe hung directly on top of the sky.

Han Qianqian’s body shone brightly and an extremely strong Yang Qi was released as if his body could barely wrap itself around it.

“Come on.”

The extremely strong light poured frantically towards the Pan Gu Axe.

Even though it was a bronze-coloured Pan Gu Axe, under such pressure, it still frantically surged with light, looking like a giant golden axe from afar.

“What is he doing?” The man in black was a little surprised.

He really didn’t know what the hell this fellow Han Qianqian meant.

Relying on the power of a single person, this guy was actually operating like this.

It was too f*cking heavenly show, right?

“Is it great to have more people?”

Han Qianqian laughed coldly and in the next second, the light in his hand became even more ma*sive!

“Xuan Yuan Axe Formation!”

The most powerful killing move that Lu Ruoxin had learned from him.

Perhaps Han Qianqian couldn’t use the Pan Gu Axe to bring out its maximum power, but at least in this situation now, the Axe Formation would cause maximum killing damage to the enemy.

“Come on!”


Ten thousand axes rained down like madness.

Just the scene alone was glorious to the extreme.


In the next second, the rain of axes fell to the ground, smashing the ground for a moment and exploding in chaos.

And those people in black, who looked extremely strong, also scattered wildly into smoke under the rain of axes.


Looking at his neatly organized army being smashed into almost a thousand holes under the falling axes, the black-clothed leader was completely dumbfounded.

This was a f*cking encounter with a pervert.


He couldn’t help himself, and with a wave of his hand, all at once, ten thousand arrows were fired from those bows and crossbows.

The other soldiers in black, too, drew their guns and threw them, and in a flash, a rain of guns and arrows also came towards Han Qianqian’s side.

The two sides were playing as if they were facing each other, with your side blowing up and our side coming in.

However, in the face of such an attack, Han Qianqian was not as panicked or shocked as the leader in black had been earlier.

On the contrary, he even had a fierce smile on the corner of his mouth.

“I’ve been waiting for this from you guys for a long f*cking time.”

Not bad, at this point, Han Qianqian wasn’t lying at all.

Han Qianqian had been worried that this group of guys wouldn’t attack him in a group, after all, it would be a waste if there was no place for courageous martial arts in the Phaseless Divine Skill.

Now, although they were late, they were always here.

When they arrive, I will make you all look good.

Han Qianqian directly rose up in his left hand, the Great Emperor of Specters, while his right hand slightly urged the Phaseless Divine Energy.

With the ability of the Phaseless Divine Kung Fu, Han Qianqian was certainly aware that it would be difficult to resist so many attacks.

But with the Phantom Emperor’s augmentation, it was a completely different story.

The Phantom Emperor could directly resist the various attacks, stopping them briefly, after which, once the attacks had weakened somewhat, the Phaseless Divine Energy would slowly digest them.


The Phantom Emperor moved greatly.

The Phaseless Divine Technique was also pushed to the extreme.

The rain of arrows and spears stopped!

The Phaseless Divine Energy absorbed all the power from above and then summed it up.

Thereafter, brew!

Finally, explode!

An eye for an eye!

Give me a break!

The Phaseless Divine Power returned all the power directly, pushing it out backwards at the same time as the power sent the stopped rain of arrows and guns bouncing out in the opposite direction en ma*se.


The rain of arrows and guns instantly changed course and headed towards the gang of black-clothed men in unison.

“What?” The black-clothed leader was completely stunned.

Both he had thought of a million ways for Han Qianqian to counterattack, but he would never have thought that Han Qianqian would counterattack in such a way.

How the f*ck does that work?

You can’t play like this.

Report, someone’s playing outside the box.

“D*mn it.” The guy was almost clenching his teeth, his entire being on the verge of going crazy.


The suddenly diverted rain of arrows and guns had landed.

Many of the men in black hadn’t expected this at all, and in a state of untimely reaction at that moment, they were smashed to pieces in a miserable manner.

And Han Qianqian, over there, had no intention of stopping, bringing his Evil Taotie as well as the Heavenly Fire, to kill again and reap the battlefield ……

For a moment, an even more terrifying scene seemed about to emerge.

But the leader in black, however, did not have any panic, he was just furious.

Such a layout, but still can not last long?!

Then let’s not have the layout.

“Come out all of you!” He roared ……