His True Colours Chapter 4713

“Because, the rules might be changing.” Lone Chu laughed.

Seeing that Luo Jin didn’t understand, Lone Chu wasn’t going to sell out and laughed, “Han Qianqian will break the rules here cleanly, and aren’t you the direct beneficiary of that.”

“Night Sky City will always be yours, and paying taxes will always be paid, just, perhaps, by a different person.”

Luo Jin frowned, “Duke Lone, you mean that Han Qianqian he wants to completely subvert this place? Do you think, he can really?”

Lone Chu smiled bitterly, “That, too, I don’t know.”

How powerful the power behind them was, he was actually not sure, but at least for many years, it was quite stable within the circle including Night Sky City, which was enough to show that the power behind controlling them was strong enough.

If it were anyone else, this matter would not be considered otherwise at all, but if it were Han Qianqian, it would be a completely different story.

It did change

extremely likely.

“You’re right, if it were anyone else, my Night Sky City would always have to pay taxes. Only, Han Qianqian seems to be a bit more moderate, it seems.”

However, these were always empty words.

The most important thing was actually still Han Qianqian’s appearance at this time, which would inevitably cause the energy from above to be used against him, and the harsh taxes on himself might be discounted as a result.

At that time, even if he makes a fuss, his superiors will not have the heart to tangle with him, and in any case, the tax revenue will definitely be reduced as a result.

This is indeed a good thing.

However, the prerequisite was that Han Qianqian would win.

He has to create enough trouble to do so.

Thinking of this, Luo Jin also paid more attention to the situation in the field at this moment.

But it must be admitted that as time went on, and as the battle between the two intensified, the speed of the two had by now reached an almost complete lack of

It was impossible to see with the naked eye.

All he could see was two dark shadows constantly cutting through, and nothing else.

“You ……”

The man in the fighting bureau, on the other hand, was by now sweating profusely.

As the one in authority, he certainly knew very well what kind of tremendous pressure he was facing at this moment.

Han Qianqian was like a huge mountain straddling him, constantly creating countless problems for him.

The attacks he was so proud of were like a child striking an adult, his moves seemingly steady and constantly falling short.

On the other hand, Han Qianqian’s attacks made his defence extremely heavy and slow. He was trying very hard to resist, but he seemed to be struggling, as if his opponent’s every move could pierce his defence completely.

He had the help of his black warhorse, and he should have had the advantage of being at the top.

But ……

he was at a complete disadvantage.

It’s impossible, it’s simply not possible, one is invincible, invincible.


With his furious roar, the black aura on his body fiercely flourished, and his entire attack on Han Qianqian was instantly fierce.

Han Qianqian had expected this, and while he calmly blocked it with a move of the Emperor of Ghosts, he moved his right hand with a direct move of the Burning Silence, and punched the relatively inflexible belly of the horse.


The horse of black qi instantly turned into black smoke, and the man who had lost his mount also fell directly from the top, although not to the point of falling, but at least it made his centre of gravity obviously unstable.

As he hastily tried to stand up, Han Qianqian had already kicked him straight over.


With a muffled sound, the man took Han Qianqian’s kick solidly and was kicked backwards several metres.

Although it didn’t completely split

but at least, to some extent, it was a clear-cut victory.


“The envoy was actually repulsed.”

“sh*t, is this Han Qianqian really that fierce? Even the special envoy couldn’t beat him.”

“D*mn, I thought Han Qianqian’s bullying was more or less bragging, but after seeing him today, it doesn’t seem to be that simple.”

“Yeah, this guy is too fierce.”

Hearing the people around praising Han Qianqian, the man’s face obviously couldn’t hold up, and his annoyance immediately surged up directly, stomping viciously at Han Qianqian.

Han Qianqian gently patted the top of his shoes, looked at the man and said, “Is that all?”

That’s all?

Three words, but they almost trampled that man’s dignity to the ground.

What expert could tolerate being told that he knew just a few strokes?

“Han Qianqian, I’ll let you see what real skill is.”