His True Colours Chapter 4474


Under the instant, Su Yingxia and the others fiercely acted as if they were facing a great enemy, instantly drawing their swords and being cautiously alert around them.


With a dull gasp, an extremely strong wave of wind instantly surged madly from the exit.

The crowd of people barely had much time to react, and some of them were directly blown back several steps by the wind on the spot, and in a panic, they had to hurry to grab whatever they could.

Su Yingxia’s side also hurriedly used her luck to create a barrier, forcing it to resist the wind and waves.

Soon, the wind stopped.

But Su Yingxia and the others had suffered no small loss.

Two people were missing and seven or eight people were slightly injured.

And this, however, was just an appetizer.

“Be careful.” Su Yingxia commanded.

In the next second, the long sword in her hand was drawn, and she directly slapped her palm over.


The longsword was like a missile, attacking the strange dragon directly.


There was a huge explosion, but

After the smoke cleared, the stone statue of the monster dragon was still standing there intact.

Although Su Yingxia was not quite a monster like Han Qianqian, he was at least someone who had stepped into the ranks of the top masters under the guidance of the Heaven’s Poor.

The joint explosion created by the Eight Desolate Heavenly Counters and Zi Qing that day was even more impressive.

In terms of attack power alone, Su Yingxia could even call his own bluff with Han Qianqian from before.

But it was such a person who attacked super fiercely that a single shot hit the opposite side’s head and was actually unharmed.

“Something’s wrong with this stone sculpture.” Ah Zuo said quietly.

Not only was it wrong, it was simply wrong with great force.

“Ignorant little children, trespa*sing in Dragon City is already a capital offense, and now, you dare to sneak attack this daddy, do you know what the consequences will be?”

“Ashes to ashes.”

Su Yingxia simply ignored it, and directly struck out with another direct palm strike.


Almost as soon as his words left his mouth, another explosion

exploded directly at his left eye.

Again, there was no substantial damage, but to that monstrous dragon, this was simply a provocation of dignity.

“I’ll kill you, you gnat!”

With a roar of rage, the monster opened its mouth and an extremely thick flame spurted out.

**At first, it was straight, but as Su Yingxia moved, he was also moving rapidly, and in the end, it was really like a living dragon, chasing after Su Yingxia.

“Go and help Madam.”

Ah Right shouted, and at that moment, he led the twelve men of his team to attack directly towards the strange dragon.

At the same time, Ah Zuo did not care about that much, and formed a pincer attack with Ah Right from the other side, also attacking hard.

At once, the stone sculpture of the monster dragon was lit up with light and fire, and there were explosions after explosions.

Although the difference in power between the two sides was not just a little bit different from Su Yingxia’s, the bite of a fierce beast is painful, but so is the bite of an ant.

It was annoying.

“D*mn it!”

The strange dragon cursed angrily, and that petrified foot suddenly somehow lifted up, followed by a heavy stomp down.


In an instant, the ground shook.

Not to mention the twenty-four people from Azusa and Right, the houses alone that came all the way down also collapsed under the ground shaking, and the ground even pulled out a huge gap directly.

Twenty-four people fell like bowling pins.

Along with them, there were others who hadn’t had time to do so.

Outside the city, Scar and his group, who had just settled into hiding, stumbled a little in the shaking.

Scar hurriedly got up and peered into the city, unable to stop himself, “Holy sh*t, what the f*ck is going on here?”

“It couldn’t be that something happened to the Lady and the others and they were sent down, could it?”

If they were discovered, then the enemy would definitely attack immediately, which would mean that Madame would be in danger.

At the thought of this, Scar directly

couldn’t sit still.

He was about to storm off straight away on the spot.

His men hastily pulled him back, “Commander, don’t be impulsive, don’t be impulsive. Before the madam left, she had asked us to wait patiently outside, and not to make any rash moves without her signal.”

“If something happens to her, how can I face the Lord?”

“When the time comes, instead of dying of shame, I should go out with a bang now.”

“Are there any brothers who are not afraid to die!”

As soon as the words were shouted, many brothers underneath immediately responded.

He knew Scar’s personality and knew that trying to persuade him would be tantamount to a fool’s errand.

However, at that moment, a red light came from the sky and everyone was reflected in the red, and a huge explosion came with it ……