His True Colours Chapter 4766

His dashing figure disappeared into the darkness.

About half an hour later, the servant girl Ming’er was counting the provisions in front of the warehouse.

These were the grains that Han Qianqian had asked for and that the city lord had specified to give.

After half an hour of counting, basically all the confirmed goods had been loaded onto the cart and were waiting to be delivered to the restaurant where Han Qianqian was.

“D*mn Han Qianqian, it’s late at night and you still want food here, causing this girl to be out at this late hour, you really deserve to die.”

After cursing, she was about to turn around when she heard a soft laugh.

“Miss Ming’er, I see, your entire Luo family can’t bear to see me die, so how can you deserve to die?”

Looking back, the servant girl’s face turned red with anger: “It’s you again, you D*mned Han Qianqian, I didn’t see you during the count earlier, and now you’re here when my cart is loaded!”

It was clear that Han Qianqian had dissipated

The fact that he had disappeared for half an hour and then suddenly appeared here, for her, it could only be that Han Qianqian had been lazy, thus causing this to happen.

Han Qianqian didn’t argue with her and took a look at the loaded grain, ten carts, several dozen tons, enough for a long time.

“Pay with one hand, deliver with the other, you don’t have to be greedy.”

Looking at Han Qianqian’s mouth-watering appearance, the servant girl said coldly.

Han Qianqian’s hand moved, followed by pulling out an amethyst card, “Don’t worry, you won’t get less.”

“Alright, put the stuff here, you can leave now.” Han Qianqian said.

Receiving the card, the servant girl swept a glance at Han Qianqian, “Don’t you want us to send it to the restaurant or another designated location for you?”

“That’s not necessary.”

“Ten carts.” It was really close to being exasperated by this idiot.

Even if he felt guilty and wanted to carry it himself, one person could push a cart, at best.

How was he going to push these ten carts?

Did he have to use his cultivation to push?

When she thought about the empty alleyway, this person was pushing ten grain carts in the air, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

He was really an oddball.

“Ten carts are fine, I can move them myself.”

“Good, that’s what you said, don’t think we don’t have enough people in the Luo House to do things again by then.”

“Don’t worry, since I told you to leave, I naturally won’t blame you.”

“Fine, we won’t stop anyone from wanting to be a Hercules, let’s go back to the house.”

With these words, the other workers immediately put down the work in their hands and followed the servant girl back.

On the way, the servant girl turned back several times to see if Han Qianqian had any regrets.

After all, he was the buyer, and the master had also explained that the food should be delivered properly, so in case he regretted it and he didn’t see it, he would end up saying that he was wrong.

But seeing that Han Qianqian just looked at her indifferently as she left, she was sure that this guy was really a nutcase.


Watching them leave, Han Qianqian couldn’t help but laugh softly.

Immediately afterwards, he made a slight movement in his hand, and in a flash, ten carts of grain were sent directly to his spatial ring.

After sweeping around to make sure there was no one around, Han Qianqian once again disappeared into the darkness of the night.

When he had gone, several dark shadows came out of the shadows immediately.

“This Han Qianqian has really come to buy food, guess what he’s up to? Is he going to fight with us?”

“Perhaps, as that maid from the Luo family said, buying grain and trying to run away.”

“In any case, we have to report this news to the envoy as soon as possible, it’s not our business to know exactly what Han Qianqian is trying to do.”

“That’s right, I’ll send someone to spread the message now

, I’ll leave it to you here.”

“Don’t worry.”

“This Han Qianqian is floating around, so be very careful.”

Each side gave a few words of advice, after which they disappeared into the darkness in the opposite direction as well.

Soon, a figure left the city, and a figure chased after it somewhere in the city.

After chasing him for about a quarter of an hour, he was clearly a bit overwhelmed: “What does this Han Qianqian mean? Leading me in circles around the city all the time? What exactly do you want?”

That’s right, after coming out of the granary, he had been following Han Qianqian closely with his men all the way.

However, although they had never lost him, Han Qianqian was clearly leading them in a circle.

Just when he was annoyed, Han Qianqian in front of him finally stopped, and then he got up and walked in towards the building inside.

He hurriedly followed, but when he took a look at the place, the man was dumbfounded ……