His True Colours Chapter 4469

With Scar and seven other teams in tow, Su Yingxia, under the cover of the hara*sment force Scar had arranged, had left the very heart of the war and was running all the way in a strange direction.

The City Lord’s Mansion.

The real City Lord’s Mansion within the Heavenly Demon Fortress.

Ever since the gang had entered the Heavenly Demon Fortress, they had actually never entered that place from the beginning to the end.

And the reason why this place was chosen, apart from the aforementioned reasons, there was another most important point.

That was, why didn’t Angelica, who was the city lord, live in her own city lord’s residence and instead cultivate an extra one outside?

In fact, previously Su Yingxia and Han Qianqian had thought that this newly repaired golden palace might simply be because there were people being held below, so Danggui had been living there.

But after seeing that it was a golden palace, the two couples felt that something was wrong again.

As a matter of course, although this earlier hypothesis was valid, then for Angelica, it was a temporary residence.

It was understandable that the city wanted to be a bit more high-spec.

But not so luxurious as to be inhumane.

Such rustic luxury could only mean one thing, that Angelica was treating this place as home.

Otherwise, why be so extravagant?

If that’s the case, what about the City Lord’s Palace?! Even if it was dilapidated, its specifications were there after all, and asking Angelica to change places, this reason alone was obviously untenable.

So, there was only one possibility, and that was the City Lord’s Mansion, which might have another use.

However, the two couples’ suspicions were only hidden in their hearts before, plus after breaking the Angelica, they had been having other things to deal with, so they delayed there and did not go forward to verify.

Now, this man in black suddenly appeared, making Su Yingxia’s suspicion of that place infinitely more serious.

“Madam, what are we doing heading towards the City Lord’s residence? That place is in the centre of the Heavenly Demon Fort, we …… us here can’t even count as a breakout, this is completely deep into the core of the place ah.”

On the road, Scar clearly had a hard time understanding.

Su Yingxia replied softly and gently, “Looking for the big fish.”

“Big fish?” Scar scratched his head, obviously a little unable to understand, “The City Lord’s Mansion has actually been empty for a long time.”

“Empty means there’s a big fish inside, you know?”

Su Yingxia knew better than anyone the truth that there was no silver in this place.

“Why should a city lord’s residence that big be empty? Angelica needs a new place to guard those women, so she can erect a big prison, can’t she? How good would it be to take the rest of the money to renovate your old nest?” Su Yingxia said.

Scar nodded, he understood this reasoning right away.

“Actually, it seems to make a bit of sense to say that.” Scar nodded, “Madam means that there are other people living in the City Lord’s residence?”

A force that was completely unaffiliated with Angelica and so numerous, there was no way Angelica was unaware of it.

And while he was aware of it, the group was able to be so stealthy that no one from the Heavenly Demon Fort knew of their existence, Su Yingxia thought about it and only felt that the City Lord’s Mansion could hide them.

“We’re almost there, but I’m afraid this place is no longer as simple as the original City Lord’s Mansion.”

Looking at the City Lord’s Mansion, which was just a short distance away, Su Yingxia paused.

“What do you mean?” Scar did not understand.

Su Yingxia said, “What I mean is that the City Lord’s Mansion in front of us may look calm, but in reality, it is a dragon’s den, full of killing opportunities, are you guys afraid?”

“Seriously, in scary is not as scary as our Heavenly Demon Fort where everyone was scared of themselves before.”

“That’s right madam, we don’t know when we might die, so right now, even if the city lord’s residence is full of ambushes, that doesn’t mean it’s no different from before.”

“Madam, let’s go in, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

A bunch of people, on the contrary, were extremely strong-willed.

“Good.” Su Yingxia nodded in satisfaction, “When we get through this, I will let three thousand reward you properly.”

“Madam, there is no need for that, we are actually helping ourselves by helping the alliance master, if he falls, we in the Heavenly Demon Fort are probably out of luck, no need for a reward, we will work just as hard!”

“I’ll take the lead, brothers.”

Scar said, not giving anyone a chance at all, he directly carried his own golden spear and headed for the mansion.

Su Yingxia thought that this guy had armor to protect him after all, and did not let him come back again, leading the other brothers to follow closely, heading towards the city lord’s residence ……