His True Colours Chapter 5019

As the men outside walked in one by one, soon all the men in the tent were wide-eyed.

Even the elders, who had finally lost their composure, looked at the people who entered with faces full of disbelief.

The whole tent was quiet for a while, and it was only after a long, long time that they slowly came back to their senses.

“Han …… Han …… Han three thousand?!”

Yes, in a crowd of guards, Han Qianqian was brought in just like that.

“Although Han Three-thousand has severely injured our ministry, he himself has been severely consumed as a result. I actually had a private agreement with Tiger’s Tooth, the captain of the Night Sky City intelligence team, earlier, asking him to pretend to defect to Han Qianqian and provide me with information.”

“After Han Qianqian was severely depleted, Tiger’s Tooth seized the opportunity and distributed the location to me, so I led my troops to pursue him, and fortunately, I was able to catch him just in time.”

“Because the whole thing was top secret, so until I succeeded, I didn’t dare to tell anyone, including Captain Skyfox as well as you, Elder.”

When he said this, Tian Ming had the decency to kneel down directly, “I still ask Elder to rule my subordinate for the crime of acting privately.”

The elder as well as the group of people were directly confused.

After another long time, the elder then frowned, “You mean …… you and Tiger ……”

“Exactly.” Tian Ming once again lowered his head even lower.

The elder’s mind went over it a million times, he really hadn’t thought that his vice captain had turned out to have pulled such a dirty trick behind his back.

Under normal circumstances, he really wouldn’t have believed it to death.

But now that Han Qianqian was standing right in front of him, he had to believe this fact too.

Otherwise, how else can you explain that Han Qianqian was captured!

“As the saying goes, those who are close to the vermilion are red and those who are close to the ink are black, it seems that Tian Ming has learnt a lot from following the elders for many years, so he would actually have such a strange trick in him.”

“Yes, not only did we not expect this move, even Han Qianqian did not expect it either.

“Indeed, thanks to this, I was previously furious with Tiger, but now, it seems that I have misunderstood him.”

Hearing the admiration of the crowd, Nameless was happy, only Tiger’s Tooth was not happy in any way.

In his heart, he was guilty, after all, he knew clearly that all this was given to him by Han Qianqian.

Being above, he had given him everything he could give himself, but he, a subordinate, could do nothing when his alliance master was in trouble.

This kind of shame was hard to bear.

He really wanted to rush up several times and tell everyone that there was no such thing, and that he was willing to die with Han Qianqian.

But the few times he tried to move, he could see the stern look in Han Qianqian’s eyes.

“Good, good, good, very good, Tian Ming, you have done very well.” The elder was extremely satisfied and looked at Wuming with indescribable joy.

“Gentlemen, we all work for me, but look at Tian Ming’s performance.”

The crowd had no

one objected, and they all cast complimentary glances at Wuming.

“Tian Ming, your capture of Han Qian Qian is certainly a great feat, and afterwards I will personally report to His Holiness and give you a reward. However, that is His Holiness’s, in this Elder’s case, there is also this Elder’s, speak up, what do you want.” The elder said happily.

Tian Ming’s head still did not lift up, “Tian Ming has no other wish, he only wants to help the elder to solve his problems.”

“Good!” The elder was overjoyed.

Tian Ming’s words were clearly a show of loyalty to himself, and at the same time, he was also setting out his own position.

Although he had captured the man, the main credit still lay with the Elder.

Tian Ming did not drift away and come to take the credit for this.

The elder also found a stepping stone because of this, and it was natural that he would be better off if he was good to Tian Ming: “Since you are so loyal, good, this elder will give you this opportunity.”

“From today onwards you officially take up the position of deputy elder, I am about to retire from this position, next, watch your performance.”

Nameless forced his heart to be overjoyed, “My subordinate thanks Elder for cultivating me.”

“Get up.” The elder was in a rather good mood.

By capturing Han Qianqian, not only would he be able to take more rewards from His Holiness, but most importantly, his reputation would also be greatly shaken by this.

When the time came, he might rank extremely to the left and right of His Holiness.

He no longer cared about the position of elder.

He placed his gaze on Han Qianqian’s body, followed by looking up and down.

Han Qianqian also looked straight at him, as if in response to his gaze.

“As expected of a dragon among men, now that you have been in the present lumpy place, you actually cannot see a single trace of panic in your eyes.” The elder smiled gently.

Han Qianqian did not say anything and clasped a smile in response.

The elder was not angry, and continued to speak, “Han Qianqian, did you not expect us to meet in this way, no, to be precise, we should have expected to meet like this, am I right?”