His True Colours Chapter 4760

“Phew …… Phew!”

A few hours later, somewhere in the direction towards Night Sky City, a large group of people were heading towards Night Sky City at fire speed.

They formed extremely fast, all the way towards, fast horses, afraid of being late.

And on the other side, there was a group of people who were also heading this way quickly, only this group, compared to the one just now ……

It seems how to look, how strange ……

Or maybe …… it’s not in the same cla*s at all.

The former is almost soldierly and looks tigerish, while the latter …… is also imposing, but how it looks, and how it feels very funny.

This line, is a day and a night.

Only the last day remains before the big battle in two days time.

The forces on all sides are in great flux.

Outside Night Sky City, it was true that the attacks had been visibly intensified over the course of the day and night, but there were no surprises.

After all, these days in Night Sky City, the

It was all such a momentum that they didn’t change any of their attack plans each day, the intensity just kept going up each day as usual.

Today, it was already a far cry from the first day of the battle.

The intensity of the attack made the cavalry as strong as the Polar Bears’ cavalrymen feel as if they were pounding against Tarzan each round, and each round inevitably resulted in bruises and wounds.

But fortunately, the cavalry could barely withstand the attack thanks to the superb recuperation of the Eight Wastelands.

However, the soldiers outside the formation were also beginning to rally, and after several days in a row, such an attack had essentially reached its limit for them.

Even if they were patient with Han Qianqian, the situation of the battle had basically forced itself to this point where it had to be sent now.

So it was time to launch the first offensive as a whole.

For the sake of this battle, and for the sake of a Ying!

This time, the amba*sador was also very strong.

120,000 troops were directly displayed in front of the formation, while the other three roads led 60,000 each, making a total army of 200,000. ****

At the same time, he also sent 40,000 soldiers to form horns on the left and right flanks in front of the main formation, once the fight starts, then the soldiers on these two flanks will be supplemented with long-range attacks.

The two flanks of the army can be used to a*sist in killing the enemy and to interfere from the side.

At the same time, for insurance purposes, there is a considerable reserve army at the rear of each flank ready to go. In the event of a mistake on the front line, this reserve army would be able to wipe their a*ses in time.

At the same time, if there is any normal battlefield consumption, they can also make up for it in time.

So to speak, with them in place, the defence line can basically be secured no matter what problems occur.

In this way, the 480,000-strong army is considered to have moved a little more than half.

“It seems that they

are planning to surround us to death.”

Scar in front of the formation could not help but frown at this point after noticing the enemy’s movements.

“I originally thought our plan was so perfect that although we couldn’t turn defeat into victory by it, it at least allowed us to withstand their first big wave of attack, but now it seems …… far from enough.”

Scar was well aware that the situation on both sides at the moment made those plans once again seem a little outdated.

Not only was the other side outnumbered, but putting up such a formation was simply a little hard to adjust to; it was like a tight band around your head, smothering you so tightly that you could barely breathe.

Hai Jin also frowned slightly: “It seems that this time we are having a hard time. We, the Polar Bear Legion, can’t hold back any longer.”

“No more reservations.” Scar nodded, “Give me 12,000 elites of the troops, the rest

six thousand men on each of the three sides, this time, fight them to the end!”

“I know, I’ll go and dispatch them now.” Hai Jin echoed.

Scar also said no more and got up and walked towards his own troops, he wanted to check their defences and prepare them for the big battle.

Underneath the piece of land that Scar had left, there was another group of men and horses working feverishly on the construction of fortifications, all of which were the result of the discussions among the men.

If we don’t have the terrain for defence, then we will make it ourselves!

The enemy’s main account.

The envoy rushed in quickly with a few of his own subordinates.

“Report to the elders, the troops have completely finished arming themselves, and now we are only waiting for the general attack to be launched as soon as it is light tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry, Elder, this battle will be won, we have made all the preparations.”

The Elder looked up and smiled faintly, “Abandon the attack for now.”