His True Colours Chapter 3916

“Does the house master mean that we have chosen wrongly?” The servant said.

Pei Ku shook his head slightly, “I’m not sure, but Xiao Qi once told me that Han Qianqian was an unfathomable person, and to be honest, just before this I thought that it was because Xiao Qi was not deeply involved in the world and was therefore short-sighted.”

“But now, on closer inspection, Xiao Qi is not what I judged him to be, I was too sure.”

“In fact, given the current situation, I’m looking at that boy in a different light.”

“Think about it, with an army of 400,000, we should, by all rights, be destroying everything, and yet, more than ten hours have pa*sed and we have made no progress.”

“Moreover, the most remarkable thing about this son is that there are so many tracks that, having fought so far, we cannot even tell which side’s intelligence is true and which is false.”

The servant nodded: “After so many years of fighting, I can honestly say that I have never encountered a situation like this today.”

Pei Ku let out a long sigh, “Yes, this boy has some dao.”

“However, my lord, he is capable, but in fact I have no problem with your choice.” The servant said, “Right now, this Han Qianqian has the momentum.”

“But in reality, no matter how proficient he is in trickery, under the absolute suppression of military strength, he is ultimately only a clever woman who cannot cook without rice.”

Pei Gu nodded, and the regret in his heart was visibly lowered, “There is some truth in what was said.”

“No matter how clever and powerful he is in this battle, he is destined to lose his momentum, no matter how much he tosses and turns, the result will only cause us some trouble, but the final result can never be changed.”

The servant nodded, “What the family head said is extremely true.”

“Order the troops to slow down the attack.” Pei Ku muttered, “The men are tired from attacking for more than ten hours.”

“Tell them all to come back and rest, and by the way, let’s see the big fireworks show over there.”

The servant led the way, “I will give the order.”

With these words, the servant quickly went to the drummer in front of him and said something.

The drums rose, followed by the sound of gold, and the attacking troops slowly stopped their attacking momentum and began to retreat.

After more than ten hours of fighting, a rare calm was finally restored to Cailu City, where clouds of smoke had risen.

Almost like Pei Gu, the other three sides of the army had all set up camp and rested their troops.

Those who had the time to spare even watched the fireworks display over the mountains, just like Pei Gu’s side.

West Gate, outside the tent.

Outside the tent on the far right, a black shadow quickly ran from the outside and entered the tent immediately afterwards.

Inside the tent, two gigantic men like small mountains stood on either side of the doorway, but the man sitting in the central hall drinking a sip of wine was surprisingly small.

From a distance, not only did he not match the two giants, but he looked like a small child.

The black shadow entered the tent, but was unusually respectful to the child-like man: “Hall Master.”

“What is it?” The child swept a slightly dissatisfied glance at the black shadow and said with some impatience, “Can’t you see that I’m having a sluggish drink?”

“Hall Master, someone has sent a letter to you.”

“Read it.” He said impatiently.

“The person who sent the letter said that this is a matter of confidential importance.” The black shadow spoke and offered the letter with both hands, not daring to read it.

“Trouble!” He muttered in dissatisfaction, but still put the wine gla*s down, and with a movement in his hands, the letter flew to him.

Opening the envelope, he only read it for but a moment, but then suddenly threw the letter to the ground, clearly startled: “Gra*s, are those two crazy?”

The two giants and the black shadow saw their state, and although they were curious, they only dared to sneak a glance away with their afterglow.

“These two guys, they’ve turned against their own f*cking water and they want to drag the old man with them? Are they sick?”

He cursed angrily, and the next second hurriedly bent down to pick up the letter, then hid it into his sleeve in a fiery manner, glanced at his three subordinates and said, “Tonight, nothing has happened, do you understand?”

“This matter, the life and death of everyone in my Troll Hall is at stake, if it were anyone else, I would have let them keep their mouths shut with death, but you are all my brothers, so ……”

“My subordinates understand.” The three of them led the order in unison.

“You guys go down first, I want some quiet.” This person was no other than the Troll Hall Hall Master, Demon Ghost.

The three subordinates hurriedly excused themselves, and once they left, the demon ghost then took out the letter again ……