His True Colours Chapter 4804

“Yes. Could it be, Elder, that three days is too much time? I actually think that should be the case, in theory. Although we have to be cautious, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have confidence. Although Han Qianqian is strong, he is always just one person, and with our current offensive, one day is enough.”

“However, I’ve heard that Han Qianqian seems to have a special ability, that is, when you see that he is about to be exhausted, he can suddenly return with full blood, which is very dominating, so one day is a bit short, but two days is enough.”

“I have also looked up several previous cases of his great battles, and although most of these cases are jianghu rumours, they must not be disbelieved, Han Qianqian does have a similar divine skill of sudden recovery, and I agree with the two-day rule.”

The men speculated and expressed their opinions.

The elder laughed and opened his mouth, “Gentlemen.

You are too optimistic. To put it mildly, I am not saying that three days is too long, but I am just questioning whether the three days you are talking about is too short.

“In my estimation, Han Qianqian alone will not be able to take him down without seven days. And that is still my optimistic estimate.”

Seven days?

Over a million to fight one man?!

Would this be a little too much and a little too conservative?

“Elder, not that I’m saying …… but …… but we may not be looking too much at Han Qianqian as well, right?”

“Yes, our one million or so men and horses are all elite, not ordinary soldiers, not ordinary elite soldiers, this group of our men and horses, to put it bluntly, is attacking the land of the Central Plains, what is there to fear?”

“That’s right, if the three true gods join forces against us, we may not lose.”

The elder was not angry, but smiled: “Gentlemen, I

do not doubt your abilities, nor do I deny the abilities of our subordinates. However, you should not underestimate Han Qianqian’s ability either.”

“This battle is not as good as you think, there are still many variables, and the fierce battle has only just begun.”

When the crowd heard this, although none of them said anything more, it was obvious that dissatisfaction and disbelief were also written on their faces.

At first, they had been more or less worried, but now, even Han Qianqian himself had personally stepped into the ring, what did this mean?

It means that he, Han Qianqian, is simply at the end of his rope and cannot be put up.

So, what else could he have?

Seeming to have also seen the minds of his men, the elder smiled cheerfully, “It doesn’t matter, time will tell, this time, we have plenty of troops and can give you some space to make mistakes.”

With those words, the Elder said no more and turned around, accompanied by two attendants, to return to his

own main tent.

In the front line, Han Qianqian was still in the lead.

Despite being surrounded by an endless number of soldiers, he still made a huge scar through the crowd.

With him at the head and the cavalry regiment at the rear!

Excitement followed the battle, and no one could get half a metre closer to him.

His courage was unparalleled.

The battle was frightening but not dangerous.

Until dark!

“This battle was a D*mn good one, this Han Qianqian is simply a god general, by himself, he was able to withstand the onslaught of hundreds of thousands of enemy troops, I would call him a god man.”

“Brave indeed, breathtaking.”

“However, despite this, the situation is not optimistic. In the past, by the latter part of the night, the attacks from both sides would have weakened and there was even a truce, but this time, it is unlikely to be the case.”

“That’s right, since the enemy has launched a general attack, it is only natural that they will not give up until they have achieved their goal. Han Qianqian

If they can hold out for a while, how long can they possibly hold out? People have rotations and rest periods, they don’t.”

“Tonight, it’s destined to be a difficult night.”

The spectators were worried for Han Qianqian.

Taking advantage of the stage when the enemy troops were changing their whole army, Scar also came up at this point: “Allied Lord, what do we do at night?”

“It’s been another day of fighting, the brothers are tired.”

Looking back, the cavalrymen were indeed exhausted.

Even if you simply wield a gun to kill someone, you still have to use your hands to do so, and naturally, the physical effort is enormous.

Although many of the soldiers were holding back, Han Qianqian could still see their hands trembling madly even though they were not holding anything.

It was a sign of muscle spasms that couldn’t be covered.

Han Qianqian glanced at everyone and opened his mouth, “Proceed as planned yesterday.”

“What? To set up camp at this time?”