His True Colours Chapter 4745

Scar had known this would happen.

But to be honest, he was a battlefield whiz and had always played one step at a time, never even thinking about what to do when such a situation arose.

“We still have some men and horses, so why don’t we go forward as soon as possible to change reinforce the other three sides, so that the other three sides can rest?”

With 9,000 men on three sides and a total of 30,000 polar bears, it was indeed possible to switch.

But then the number of men left on the front side and the change of guard would be very overwhelming.

Right now there are 5,000 cavalry fighting on the east side, and in theory the reserves could change the men on all four sides once, then rotate over to continue the change when the changed men have rested.

But the problem was that at this point in the battle on all sides, there was still a large black ma*s of men in the rear of the enemy army.

If the men were changed at this point and a general attack was launched from the front, there would be no one to support the front side.

Even if there was, the

Even if there was, it would be a tired army that had withdrawn on all sides, no different from none.

“Commander, there is no other choice. If we don’t change, within half an hour, all three sides of the army will be dragged across, and by then more brothers will be killed and wounded, and we will also be broken on three sides and pinned down to death.”

Scar nodded, “There is indeed some truth to that.”

If we didn’t save them, we would die immediately, if we did, we would at least be able to struggle a little more.

“Immediately lead the troops over to change the defence. However, don’t change at the same time.”


“The Lord of the League gave me the Book of Heaven for what purpose? The cavalry!”

If the Lord of the Alliance did not deliberately want to hide the number of cavalry, then why did he give himself the Book of Heaven? He could have just released all the cavalry at once.

So, after thinking about it, Scar thought that Han Qianqian had a purpose.

Naturally, he couldn’t have given his cards away just as soon as he fought.

to hand over all.

“If we change our defences, from south to north, so that the four sides of the army are in constant circulation, whether the men we replenish are our original men recuperating, or new soldiers replacing them, the other side can’t even figure it out.”

Hearing this suggestion of Scar, that subordinate instantly he heated a smile: “Commander, you are really smart ah, before …… before miscellaneous did not find?”

Scar is also very happy, just now is also just a flash of light, as long as using his kind of method, theoretically, four troops plus one more will be able to complete the rotation, so it can maximize the solution to the problem at hand, and hide the number of people.

“Hey, after following the alliance for so long, you can always learn a little cleverness, right? Don’t stand still, hurry up and inform the three departments first, reinforcements will arrive later, and tell them that before the reinforcements, no matter what, just give me the teeth to bite, also

I want to bite the enemy to death.”


With Scar’s orders, soon the whole unit was running again.

It did work, too, and almost quickly solved the problem of tired cavalry; the only annoyance was that this replenishment was still more or less dangerous.

“Envoy, what should we do with the enemy army coping so well with exhaustion? Should we step up our men?”

The subordinate also said to his envoy on the front line against the line.

The envoy smiled: “Add 10,000 soldiers on each of the three sides.”

“Only 10,000 more?”

“They are only a mere 20,000 men, so they are playing a rotation, but with a platoon of 14,000 men here to top it off, what is left is only a mere 6,000 or so. Such a replacement, though it will last for a while, will not last for a lifetime.” With those words, he glanced at his subordinates and said, “There is no need to rush, play slowly with them.”

“My subordinates understand.”

With the enemy ramping up again, it was clear that the cavalry was tiring faster, which naturally placed a greater demand on the rotation.

“I’ll see what you can do when you get dark.” The envoy laughed softly and turned to head back to his barracks.

Since the elders had admonished three times to be patient, he himself was in no hurry to reap the benefits of the moment.

We should take our time.

Once again, the night was dark.

It had been a full day since Han Qianqian had stayed in the private room.

Luo had come here no less than twenty times during that time, each time staying outside the door for a few minutes to see if Han Qianqian had come out, but when he didn’t, he always wanted to say something, but finally left unhappily.

But now, once again, he had come.

This time, he wasn’t going to do what he did before, because time was running out, and he also had good reasons to enter the private room ……