His True Colours Chapter 4471

Without waiting for any reaction from the group of people, she directly pushed Scar and the others gently out of the way, and then walked all the way towards a certain corner of the hall.

In the corner, a large bookshelf stood there.

As Su Yingxia walked over, Scar and the others quickly studied the bookshelf.

However, the bookshelf was normal and did not look like there was any problem at all.

“Scar, let a few more brothers come over to help, there must be something wrong with this bookshelf.”

Su Yingxia’s words, however, were almost the exact opposite of Scar’s suspicions.

“Madam, taking the liberty of saying this, this bookshelf, it …… it …… doesn’t look like there’s a problem.”

Both sides were hollowed out, and even if there was some sort of organ, it was often difficult to structure in it.

One is too complicated, and the other is simply not concealed enough.

But Su Yingxia was quite determined: “Investigate, give me a good investigation, there must be something wrong here.”

When Scar saw her like this, he could not say anything more, but could only wave his hand and tell his brothers to hurry up and do as Madam had instructed.

The gang quickly poked and prodded at the bookshelves and examined them.

Scar was a little embarra*sed and stood in place somewhat at a loss for words.

After all, he thought it was useless.

To be normal, the Lady could have stayed with her fooling around for as long as she wanted. But today was different, the Lord of the League was being surrounded by ten thousand soldiers outside, and he couldn’t wait to fly over to help right now.


But at that moment, there was a sudden soft sound on the bookshelf.

Immediately afterwards, before anyone could reflect, a rumbling sound slowly rang out from another corner.

Scar’s somewhat impatient face instantly wiped away all expression, leaving only a face full of shock and disbelief.

In fact, not only him, but also the brothers in charge of the search were astonished, unable to believe that they had inadvertently opened a certain mechanism.

Su Yingxia’s eyes also lit up, only, compared to theirs, there was more of a bemused and taken-for-granted look in her eyes.

She knew that it must not be as simple as what they saw on the surface.

“Madam, this ……” Scar looked at Su Yingxia, not understanding how she could be sure that there were other secret pa*sages or organs here.

Su Yingxia glanced at the dust on the ground, “They told me so.”

“They? But there aren’t any footprints on the ground.” Scar said in disbelief.

Su Yingxia nodded, “Actually, at first I was wondering why there were no footprints here.”

“But if you think about those men in black carefully, it seems to make sense again.”

Those people in black, when they attacked Han Qianqian, were obviously completely different from ordinary people, sometimes being human, and sometimes turning into black waves.

It was also in this situation that Su Yingxia suddenly thought, since they were so strange in their actions, were they also perverse in other ways?

As it happened, Su Yingxia suddenly noticed, as she looked up herself, that the thickness of the dust on the ground seemed different.

It was obvious that the dust on the two sides of the aisle was much thicker, while the one in the centre was much thinner, and as it spread, Su quickly found the bookshelf in the corner.

The dust there was almost as thin as in the centre.

So, this is why Su Yingxia had a different idea and insistence.

What was good was that this persistence was rewarded, and after their groping, the organ was discovered.

The crowd hurriedly looked in the direction of the rumbling and rattling.

Sure enough, in a very hidden place, a hidden compartment was slowly opening.

To be honest, if it hadn’t appeared on its own at this moment, I’m afraid that if we were to look for it alone, we wouldn’t have found it even if we were dead.

It was so hidden that it would have been difficult to find.

Su Yingxia did not even have the slightest doubt that even if Han Qianqian had opened his Heaven’s Eye technique, he might not be able to find it.

“Madam, I apologise for my recklessness.” Scar lowered his head in a pious manner.

“Now is not the time to apologise, let’s hurry machine rage.”

As Su Yingxia’s words fell, she led a group of people and rushed towards the entrance ……