His True Colours Chapter 3888


At the gates of the city, four loud and urgent reports rang out almost at the same time.

Almost every one of the guards on the city walls had received a report from one of their generals.

“A large number of enemy troops have suddenly appeared outside the city, at least several hundred thousand in number.”

The four guardians were shocked and alarmed almost simultaneously.

As they climbed the wall and looked around, their faces were cold and their eyes were wide open.

Even if there was no fight, the visual shock alone would be enough to make anyone tremble in fear.

“Sound the horn, tell all soldiers to close the gates tightly, in addition, prepare the city defence tools, tell them all to settle down and let in before fighting.”

“Yes!” The soldiers led the order.

A moment later, the eastern city gate was the first to sound the enemy’s golden flute, followed by the western, southern and northern city walls.

A large number of soldiers quickly replenished the city’s defences in accordance with the original deployment, and Cailuo City was as solid as an iron barrel with a golden ring around it.

Looking at the changes in the city’s defences, Hei Yu only smiled lightly.

At this moment, the soldier also came to report, “Report to Elder God Dragon, the defences of Cailuo City have been significantly improved, so I would like to ask Elder God Dragon to tell us what our next step should be.”

Hei Yu looked at Cailuo City and shook his head, “Stay where you are, there is no hurry.”

“But, right now, our army is hurrying here, the other side is obviously not well prepared, it is a good time to attack the city, if we delay, I am afraid that ……”

The city’s defenses will already be in place by then, and it will be far less simple than it is today to gnaw on this tough piece of ground.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. A city with an empty heart, no matter how hard you make the outside, is never as hard as you see it.”

“Warlord Fu!”

“Fu Mei is here.” Fu Mei moved forward slightly.

“Where are Han Qianqian and the others now?” Hei Yu asked.

“In that low cluster of mountains, and, all of them are senior executives of Cailou City.” Fu Mei laughed, “When I showed him our attack map earlier, I told him clearly that we couldn’t count all of the mountain encirclement because of the mountains getting in the way, and that the mountain terrain was complicated, so laying our defences in front of the mountains was the only option.”

“All they had to do was get inside the mountain complex while we were in the process of laying defences, and they were essentially given a great deal of security.”

“Based on the time projection, they should have already entered the mountains. However, Elder Divine Dragon please surrender, just now, Fu Mei has privately called in the elites of the Fu family to go around behind the group of mountains and cut off the path of Han Qianqian and the others.” As the words fell, Fu Mei knelt down.

It was obvious that calling on one’s own men and horses was a great taboo in the military, and Fu Mei was prepared to be punished for this: “Fu Mei deserves to die for his sins. However, Fu Mei also wanted to leave Han 3,000 for the army, both for the sake of merit and to clear his own name, so I hope that the Divine Dragon Emissary will not blame this crime on the Fu family.”

“The commanders calling in their troops without orders is clearly a capital offence.” Hei Yu said in a cold voice, “Therefore, I will not allow this to happen, Fu Mei, listen.”

Fu Mei was obviously startled and hurriedly bowed her head.

“From now on, your position of military division will be increased by another position of the Commander in front of the car, and you can move the armies of the two families of Fu Ye at any time.” Hei Yu said indifferently.

Fu Mei smiled and was stunned, and the few executives next to her at the circumference were also clearly puzzled.

“In the midst of war, there are many changes, and Fu Mei is the one who laid out the plan, so naturally she knows the whereabouts of Han Qianqian and the others like the back of her hand. Before avoiding delaying the war, this elder has made such an arrangement, may I ask if there is any problem?” Hei Yu asked.

The crowd was stunned, but the next second was a succession of nods.

“What Elder Divine Dragon said is correct, this group of mountains is surrounded, if Fu Mei had not privately sent her men forward, I am afraid that it would not have been possible to form a closed siege around Han Qianqian, in order to avoid any further unexpected situations that would be difficult to deal with during the battle, this arrangement of this move I think is necessary.”

“That’s right, that’s how it should be.”

Hei Yu said in a cold voice, “Since no one has a problem with it, then this matter is settled.”

“Alright, pa*s the order again, lead 100,000 troops to a*semble towards the big mountain, 100,000 troops as a backup, and another 200,000 troops to surround this place to death.”


“Han Qianqian, last time I let you break out in front of tens of thousands of people, this time, with 200,000 of my army, I’ll see how you still play with me.”

With these words, accompanied by a trumpet sound, half of the army, in an inordinate number, killed towards the group of mountains where Han Qianqian and the others were ……