His True Colours Chapter 4771

Boom boom boom!

The sound of a heavy drum, like a hammer to its chest, fell to the ground.

The ground seemed to tremble as it struck, and the hearts of all shuddered again.

The sound of the drums shook and struck straight to their hearts.

“I heard their thunderous shouts earlier, and now these heavy drums are rising wildly, it really makes people’s blood boil.”

“Yes, this cavalry has been fighting out there for so many days, and I really admire it, no matter who’s troops he is. With such a small number of troops, they have fought hard for so long, if it were any other troops, I’m afraid they would have scattered long ago.”

“Not bad.”

All this appreciation was accepted by Han Qianqian.

This was what the cavalry deserved.

Honestly speaking, if we disregarded the high-ranking enemies later on, the Cavalry’s current performance could be rated S in Han Qianqian’s heart, perfect!

But if we consider the future, Han Qianqian can only give it a B. They still have a lot of room for improvement and need to deal with even more powerful enemies.

So, the current one was nothing.

“Strange, the war drums are hammering up over here, why isn’t the opposite one attacking yet.”

“Yes, people are already so aggressive in defence, what is the opposite one doing?”

Looking around, although Scar’s side had made a great deal of morale, the other side did not have the slightest intention of suppressing it, and kept their troops there, holding their ground.

“It’s not going to stop fighting, is it?”

“It can’t be that the opposite side is intimidated.”

There was a lot of chatter from the crowd.

Han Qianqian frowned slightly and lifted his head towards the other side.

On the surface, there seemed to be nothing unusual, but soon Han Qianqian spotted the continuous black Qi behind the troops.

Although Han Qianqian had been lying flat lately, it did not mean that Han Qianqian was really not concerned at all about the battle ahead.

Judging from the extent of the black qi, it was clearly stronger and more numerous than any previous day, and moreover, it had to be more than double.

“The other side has reinforcements.” Luo Jin opened his mouth.

“Reinforcements? My god, no way, 800,000 troops surrounding Night Sky City and yet there are reinforcements behind them?”

“If that’s the case, then how else can we play? This 800,000-strong army is already enough to kill Han …… second cavalry regiment, and if there are reinforcements, then isn’t that ……”

Someone also said something at this time: “I heard that not only are there reinforcements, but the number of reinforcements is extremely huge, a million.”

“A million? That doesn’t add up to nearly two million people? Holy sh*t, is this a fight against one person, or is our demon race going to attack the Central Plains?”

This scale, indeed without exaggeration, was enough to go and attack a country, a region.

A battlefield of two million people, not to say epic, but at least it was ma*sive.

Luo Jin quietly glanced at Han Qianqian, wanting to know what his expression was now, but was disappointed to find that Han Qianqian was not moved at all, still wearing a light smile on his face.

“Hey, look guys, Han Qianqian isn’t even reflecting, no.”

“It’s a bit of a bull indeed, but who knows if it’s just pretending to be calm? Haven’t you heard the gossip in town? It says that this Han Qianqian ah, actually doesn’t want to fight at all, he wants to escape.”

“Yes, I’ve also heard that he deliberately sent his cavalry regiment to the front line in order to quietly retreat on his own once the fight starts. Last night, he even quietly went to the granary to buy a lot of grain, probably for the road when he runs away.”

“With a big war coming up, and facing such a strong enemy, it’s normal to run if you can’t beat them, but it’s also human nature, so there’s no need to mock too much.”

“It’s true that there’s nothing to mock, but I would say that the rush is also entirely because someone likes to pretend too much.”

Han Qianqian’s smile turned a little bitter, but also did not have any idea to stop, after all, the mouth grows on people, others want to say what they can not control.

It’s just that the thing about being a deserter is that Han Qianqian, not to say he would do it, has never thought about it ……

The sun is in the sky, Han Qianqian’s gaze is profound, you, will soon understand ……