His True Colours Chapter 4466

With Han Qianqian killing again, the jade swords brought fire and attacked in a frenzy.

As they pa*sed, they were almost invincible, and as the black smoke rose, countless bodies fell down.

Even though the black-clothed men were as dense as ants, Han Qianqian was able to kill a bloody path.

The leader of the black-clothed men looked coldly at the situation on the battlefield.

Even though Han Qianqian was now difficult to stop at all, even though Han Qianqian already knew the subtleties of how to kill the black-clothed men in it.

But he was still not worried.

For if these men alone were to take Han Qianqian down, that would be too confident and arrogant.

He certainly had an endless number of killing moves!

The situation in which these men in black were broken was actually something he had anticipated.

“Play on, Han Qianqian, play well.”

With those words, he swung his hand, and those black-clothed men who had been frantically killed changed again in an instant, turning into black waves.

Just like before, these huge waves rose and fell, spreading wildly and cupping and killing!

Han Qianqian’s jade sword swung wildly as he parried them in his hands one after another.


Another sea wave died under the fire sword, leaving only remnants.



Han Qianqian was simply a peerless god of war, and even though those men in black were very powerful, they could not stop a fierce man of such ferocity after all.

The seemingly frantic bunch of people were frantically decreasing in number as time went on.

After ten minutes, along with Han Qianqiu’s golden Yang Qi blossoming out from Han Qianqiu’s Pan Gu Axe, those seemingly extremely strong black waves were instantly sent flying several metres.

After that, they simply dissipated in the air.

“Good, Han Qianqian, you are really f*cking fierce!”

Along with the thousands of people who had almost been killed, the man in black who was leading the group slowly showed up at this moment.

Looking at Han Qianqian, he couldn’t help but applaud and laugh.

Han Qianqian stared at this guy indifferently, faintly leaned his jade sword against his back and said coldly: “Do you have any other skills? Is that all?”

Han Qianqian knew very well that although the other party was pretending to be very powerful, it was definitely not likely that he was pretending to be brainless.

He must have an extremely strong backhand.

Therefore, Han Qianqian’s vigilance had never been relaxed.

“I certainly have more than that. If I want to rely on these to shake the entire Heavenly Demon Fort, then I might as well rely on that trash Danggui.”

Han Qianqian smiled coldly, “Feel free to use whatever you have.”

“Good, but don’t blame me for not warning you, don’t be so scared that you tremble after I use it.”

As the flower fell, the black shadow gently waved its hand.

In the next second, a scene that left Han Qianqian dumbfounded appeared.

With Han Qianqian at the centre, in a swish around him, countless people in black actually stood up at once.

Almost all of them were holding bows and crossbows, and they were ready to open their bows towards this side.

And compared to them, what was even more headache-inducing was that on the ground, thousands more black-clothed men had a*sembled directly. They were all in the same position.

They were imposing and imposing.

“What?” Han Qianqian was speechless.

This batch of people, compared to the previous batch, had barely changed in strength.

But what had been added was their numbers, which were at least double the previous batch directly, and were already close to ten thousand people.

What the f*ck!!!

No wonder this guy was so full of energy, so, this guy had such a backhand.

However, Han Qianqian did not think that these were already the end of the world.

“Kid, do you really think you can rely on these? You’re sure to win?”

“I think so.”

With those words, Han Qianqian rose his sword straight away, force being the most powerful statement.

In the next second, Han Qianqian once again charged single-handedly to kill.

However, unlike the last time, this time Han Qianqian, Thunder Dragon Heavenly Leads while Heavenly Fire burns furiously.

While building up strength for him, it also a*sisted in helping him to attack.

“Evil Taotie, what are you waiting for?”

With a soft cry, the next second, the Evil Taotie also rushed out, following Han Qianqian all the way to kill.

Han Qianqian was the main character, while the Evil Taotie was on the right and the Heavenly Fire was on the left.

He relied on this, forming a triangle and going deeper.

Even though he was outnumbered, even though he was in danger, even though the situation was difficult, Han Qianqian was still going ahead.

For a time, it was pitch-black, and Han Qianqian had killed a bloody path.

And the next operation, but even more so, Han three thousand almost against the sky ……

The black-clothed leader’s eyes shrank slightly: “This …… how is this possible?”