His True Colours Chapter 3937

“We …… have been tricked?”

“Han Qianqian deliberately sent a group of elite men to make a commotion, knowing that you would be concerned about your own rear and go to check it out, and at that moment he used a thunderous action to cut this force straight away, and then deliberately put dummies in the jungle and released a live man, who was in a hurry to escape, so how could he tell whether it was a real person or a dummy?”

“And afterwards, knowing that the living man would report to you, he lit many torches and thus made it look like the drums of a thousand armies, in order to make you think that the ones the living man was looking at were real.”

“Is that a possibility, gentlemen?”

The man’s words fell, smiled gently, faintly and looked at Hei Yu and the others who were already dumbfounded with shock.

The more he thought about it, the more scared he felt, the more shocked he felt ……

Zhu Yanshuo also suddenly remembered something, saw a ghost, said: “f*ck, no wonder we sent Fu Tian Tian to confront them, they have been pressed into service. At that time …… we thought that they wanted to take advantage of the Han three thousand side to attack and then echo us from inside and outside, but now it seems …… that it is …… very likely that the other side is simply bluff, they simply have no one, just …… just scare us.”

“In this way, just under the mountain front, we will be divided and delayed by them a whole 90,000 troops!” Some executives also came to their senses.

“There …… is that possibility!” Another executive also nodded, “When we lost our army, not only did Han Qianqian not order his troops to pursue us hard, but he opened the door wide. At that time, we thought he was striking across our army, but when we think about it, how is it not killing two birds with one stone, but in reality he is incapable of coming after us?”

Hearing more and more affirmations from the crowd, Hei Yu had to slowly begin to accept this fact which was both shocking, infuriating and humiliating at the same time.

Han Qianqian had directly scared all of them with not many troops, and even …… had even dragged their entire 90,000 troops and horses above their positions without daring to move.

This is a f*cking absurdity.

The idea is even to give people a live laugh.

Pei Gu did not say anything, looking at the appearance of several people, but at this time inwardly there is not the slightest intention to laugh at the gang of Hei Yu, he is more at this time in his heart secretly surprised.

The fact that an army of 200,000 is being rubbed like this with their intelligence is indeed funny from a spectator’s point of view, but as a participant, after laughing, one should reflect on the reasons for this and reacquaint oneself with Han 3000.

My Healing Game

“It seems that this Han Qianqian is no ordinary person.” Pei Gu looked at his attendant and frowned.

The man nodded, “Peculiar tactics and bold ideas above the battlefield are indeed not comparable to ordinary people.” The man nodded: “If the two ends had not met at this time, by now, we might all still be in the dark.”

Pei Ku nodded, “Not bad, even I, in my chagrin, was studying the defences of the city that should have fallen, and for a time blamed myself for not being able to attack an empty city.”

“f*ck.” Ye Shijun swung his fist heavily and said angrily, “This Han Qianqian, how f*cking cunning!”

“In battle, cunning is also deceitful.” The attendant said, “We have to be careful of this man.”

“Since their side is simply a fake, let’s just lead our troops to fight again and take revenge.” Ye Shijun ignored the man’s words and looked towards Heiyu.

“The outskirts of the mountains are empty, if we fight through, they will retreat outside the mountains, what should we do then? If we don’t chase them, we’ll have made an empty trip, but if we do, we’ll disrupt the siege of the city. What if they open the gates wide and attack us from behind our army?” The attendant chuckled softly.

“He has a point. Victory and defeat are common, so we can’t mess up the overall situation, since we have reunited now, we should just join forces.” Zhu Yan Shuo said.

The first target is the city of Cailu, if we can’t take it …… then …… we won’t.”

Pei Ku glanced at his follower, saw him nod, and only then did he himself nod slightly.

And at this time, the dark mountains and woods ……