His True Colours Chapter 4733

“That’s not an underground mouth, that …… that’s a mouth.”

“Yeah, that …… that really is a giant mouth.”

“Is that guy Han Qianqian throwing all the people into the trenches and then, through the trenches, sending these black shadows towards a monster’s mouth?”

“How is that possible?”

The group of people simply looked dumbfounded, but while they were amazed, if they looked closely, they could again confirm that the opening was indeed not some hole dug, but …… a monster’s big mouth.

What kind of monster, could have such a huge mouth?

And, it could keep eating people without holding them up, right?!

“The situation is not right, Elder, should we stop the frontline troops from attacking immediately?”

The envoy also noticed that something was not right ahead, the front line troops had charged several times, but the trenches ahead still had not been charged through, which meant that the front must have encountered a different kind of hemp


The elder waved his hand slightly, “It’s still a bit interesting, you think, those are really trenches?”

“What do you think, Elder?”

“They are not trenches at all, they are more like tools, a means of transportation.”

The trenches existed simply to block the way of everyone, then to unify them in the trenches as if they were products, and then, using the tendency of the terrain to cut down in the trenches, to transport all the “stuff” to the central point of convergence.

Or rather, the monster’s mouth.

“But what kind of monster can keep on eating without stopping? Elder, could it be ……”

The Elder nodded, “Not bad, the Taotie of Evil.”

The Taotie eats all things without feeling hungry, so naturally, even more people in black fall in are just its food.

The envoy nodded: “It is true that within the Heavenly Demon Fortress, we have heard that Han Qianqian brought this Evil

Taotie is almost like killing people and killing gods, so Elder, what do we do?”

The man in black could indeed use the demonic qi underground to revive, so any attack was actually more just consuming itself.

But this guy Han Qianqian was different, directly using the Evil Taotie to swallow all these black-clothed people into his belly, then naturally, the black-clothed people could not be resurrected either.

Han Qianqian had fought with these men in black, so he naturally knew how to deal with them in the easiest and most effective way.

If Han Qianqian was allowed to carry on like this, although the 800,000 strong army would not be afraid of such a thing, they would at least lose a lot.

“Do you have any good ideas?” The elder did not seem to be in a hurry and asked in a soft voice.

The envoy frowned slightly, thought carefully, and shook his head, “I would like to be at the Elder’s disposal.”

The Elder gave a smile, “You are trying to get the people behind you to fly straight through

trench and attack Han Qianqian, right?”

He did have this idea, however, he did not dare to make his own remarks freely.

“Did you see the position where Han Qianqian is standing.”

The position where Han Qianqian was standing was about a hundred metres away from the trenches, which created at least a large open space in front of Han Qianqian.

This was enough for his soldiers to fly across the trench and have a safe place to land.

However, since the elder had asked this, he naturally had his reasons: “What the elder means is ……”

“Don’t you think Han Qianqian is deliberately leaving enough space to lure our men to fly over?”

“What the elder means is that this fellow Han Qianqian has an ambush?”

“I have a hunch, although I can’t say yet what method Han Qianqian will use to sneak up on our soldiers and horses flying over, but I’m sure it will be worse than the ones falling down the trenches.”

“Then what the elder means is…


“I fear that Han Qianqian is deliberately luring us in with the intention of making us think that flying over is the best option, but once we choose to do so, it will inevitably bring us an even more devastating blow.”

The envoy nodded, “It is still the Elder who thinks things through, and right now it does seem that this is a possibility. By the way, Elder, what do you think we should do next?”

“What should we do?” The Elder frowned and thought about it, then smiled bitterly, “I don’t have a good solution for a while.”

“However, my 800,000-strong army is not afraid of any consumption, and since Han Qianqian has laid out a trap for us, I would like to try out what he really wants. After all, I am also curious as to what this fellow Han Qianqian can actually fight against us with.”

“Order, troops to fly over the trenches and attack Han Qianqian directly!”