His True Colours Chapter 3954

When a group of beast clansmen saw the Evil Taotie, they couldn’t help but be shocked, a fear born from their bloodline made them almost involuntarily retreat one after another.

Pei Ku also obviously panic slightly froze, some incredulous look at the evil taotie.

“It …… it is the Evil Taotie? Han three thousand, you are coaxing the ghost?” Pei Ku beside him, the attendant sharply scolded.

Han Qianqian smiled slightly: “I can understand if a mortal says such things, but you are more or less in some bullsh*t beast clan, but you still say such things, shame on you?”

That servant still wanted to speak, but was directly stopped by Pei Ku, looking at Han Qianqian, Pei Ku hesitated for a long time.

From the perception, the unique aura released by the Evil Taotie, the same ancient divine beast bloodline Pei Gu could not sense, he just can not accept that the ancient beast is an unearthly thing, only his beast clan by its bloodline has been able to dominate the devil clan, so such a thing, how can it come out in its own body, more outrageous is that it is actually under Han Qianqian’s command.

“Pei Gu, weren’t you still so arrogant just now? You boasted of being a member of the Legendary Beast clan, what? Now you’re not talking?” Han Qianqian laughed disdainfully as he spoke, “Heh, it’s a bit of a blow, I can understand if you don’t want to speak. After all, you are proud of your ancient fierce beast’s little bloodline, while I, hehe, live and breathe a whole one, or my little brother.”

A statement that was very bland, yet every word was heartbreaking, and even the distance between each other was stretched extremely far.

Pei Ku’s face turned green with anger.

Because it was obvious that the other party was humiliating them alive, trampling on what they were proud of mercilessly.

But you can’t retort.

For, some people’s ridicule is dry, is real evidence.

“Evil Taotie, don’t blame big brother for not warning you, these people are all in possession of the legendary beast bloodline, eating one is a great tonic, eating a group of them can be even more tonic to no end.” Han Qianqian said with a laugh.

“Did you see that old man? He lives by sucking blood, I’ll take care of him, and you can rely on yourself for the rest of the tonic, how about that?”

“Roar!” The Evil Taotie let out a faint whisper, thick and powerful, and his single eye was filled with greed.

“In that case, go!”

As soon as the words fell, Han Qianqian, like a ghost, transformed into a shadow and went up, followed by the Evil Taotie, his huge mouth opened and his sharp claws raised.

One man and one beast were like a fierce tiger out of its cage, and everywhere they pa*sed, there was a stream of blood and screams.

“D*mn it, Han Qianqian!” Pei Ku roared in anger, but halfway through the fight, he had not recovered his peak ability and could only retreat under the cover of others.

“Family head, what should we do? This Han three thousand is already fierce enough, and now there are even more evil Taotie beasts around, we …… us ……,” the attendant said in anxious voice, the heart has been born to retreat.

Pei Gu wanted to be angry, but he did not fail to feel the fear of the soldiers around him.

However, looking at the evil Taotie, the same ancient beast bloodline Pei Gu, how can not eye slander.

The evil was born out of fear.

“Panic, that is the evil Taotie, if we can capture, we share and eat, do you know how much stronger our beast bloodline will be?” Pei Ku shouted steadily, “Order all soldiers to charge into battle, we will take down the evil Taotie, those who disobey the order will be dealt with by the family law!”

The followers were in a panic, but when they heard the master’s words, the men could only grit their teeth and charge.


Han Qianqian laughed coldly, “I have long guessed that you guys would be vicious, I dared to call out the Evil Taotie, naturally, I have also made complete preparations.”

“Earth fire, heavenly thunder!”


Earth fire rose wildly, and thunder dragons were hidden.

“Burning Silence!”

“The power to transform the heavens.”

“Fiery fire burns the city!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Han Qianqian suddenly looked like a heavenly god descending into the world, his body in the air, covered in golden light, and his hands were already filled with all kinds of endless and destructive great magic techniques.

At that moment, the battlefield was at its peak.

The evil of the Taotie madly pounces on the food, the sharp claws of the teeth are countless souls, killing the beast tribe of soul flying guts.

However, what frightens them even more is that at this time, the waist of their troops, suddenly heard the sound of screams, as if there is something from which to kill ……