His True Colours Chapter 3929

Inside the tent, the two junior commanders were divided to his left and right, drinking with him.

“The battle up there, it’s intense.” Fu Tian chuckled softly.

“Yes, Elder Fu, I think it is the people from the Troll Hall who have joined the battle. Speaking of which, the people from this Troll Hall are really extraordinary, although they are indeed too weak compared to us in terms of intelligence, but when it comes to killing enemies on the battlefield alone, then one person is really better than several of us.”

“With the Troll Hall joining us, even if the situation on the mountainside is complicated, and even if he is too fierce, the victory will still be ours.”

With these words, the two junior commanders hurriedly lifted their gla*ses of wine and toasted Fu Tian.

Fu Tian was in a good mood and drank the gla*s of wine in one go. While filling it up for himself, Fu Tian laughed and said, “Now the movement up there has significantly weakened. As you two have said, I am afraid that Han Qianqian on the mountainside is already standing on the verge of defeat.”

“Very well, when the battle is finished up there and they join forces with us again, the time of death will come for those fools in front of our formation.”

“Once Han 3,000 loses, the heart of their army is bound to spread, and an army without a heart is no different from a scattered plate of sand, and will be at our mercy then.”

“Kill some and collect some, we’ll make a lot of money from this battle.”

Fu Tian nodded happily, “That’s a good point, come on, I’ll drink to both of you.”

The three of them smiled at each other and once again toasted each other across the air with laughter.

But just as the three of them were putting down their gla*ses, a little soldier rushed in in a hurry.

The little soldier looked alarmed and was about to speak when Fu Tian smiled and took the lead, “What are you doing in such a panic? Follow me, Fu Tian, when you are out on the march, remember, whatever happens, don’t panic, take your time, understand?”

The little soldier nodded his head in a hurry, but in reality, he was speechless, “Yes, yes, I understand.”

“What is the matter to report, is it that the victory on the mountain has been decided?” Fu Tian smiled gently and said slowly, “I have long predicted and judged this, and this time also happens to be about the time I estimated.”

“Alright, go ahead.”

The little soldier froze, but still nodded: “Reporting to Elder Fu, the battle on the mountain has indeed been won and lost, but …… but …… but …… ”

“But what, is it that Duke Ye and the others are rushing to our place with a large number of people.”

“Yes.” The little soldier nodded his head.

“Then isn’t that right.” Fu Tian laughed softly.

As soon as he spoke, the two junior commanders also stood up in time, arching their hands and smiling, “Elder Fu is really worthy of being Elder Fu, he is really as good as a god.”

“That’s right, this skill of divine foresight is simply marvellous.”

Fu Tian waved his hand in satisfaction, pretending to be modest.

It was the little soldier, full of anxiety and speechlessness, who, seeing that these three were really complacent, finally could not help but open his mouth, “But the problem is, although Lord Ye and the others came with a large number of people, they …… did not come to support us. They …… they were beaten down by someone else.”

“Beaten down?”

The three of them almost froze at the same time, Fu Tian then smiled, “That war up there, fight down not ……”

Only, halfway through the sentence, Fu Tian suddenly got stuck.

Only now did he reflect that he seemed to have completely overlooked an extremely important word.


Yes, it wasn’t that they fought down, but that they were fought down.

Although it was only a difference of one word, the meaning in each was obviously a huge difference.

“You …… you, what did you say?” Fu Tian began to stammer a little, and his face was completely devoid of the non-panic he had just boasted of when things went wrong, his entire hand was trembling, much more exaggerated than that little soldier.

“On the mountainside, Han Qianqian’s side seems to have won, we saw a large number of soldiers including Duke Ye and Elder Shen Long and others were routing down from the mountain.”

“Are you sure it was a rout and not to support us?” The young commander asked hastily.

The soldier said in a bitter voice, “If they are here to support us, why are the troops abandoning their armour?”

Hearing this, the three men no longer looked as bright as before and staggered back, their eyes full of disbelief and horror.

They were just dreaming, but in the blink of an eye, they were awake and their dreams were shattered.

With a sudden frown, Fu Tian quickly walked out of the tent and raised his eyes to the top of the mountain.

Soon, his eyes widened: “How …… how …… how could this be?