His True Colours Chapter 4742

“What is the method of beating the dog?” The Elder said.

“I even if Han 3,000 but have 20,000 cavalry, but 20,000 cavalry can’t actually pose much of a threat to us at all.”

“Since Han Three-thousand has no intention of running, then we should simply give up our defence completely and turn all our soldiers to attack.”

“The reserve soldiers who rested yesterday will replace the soldiers charging at the front line, and while launching a fierce attack, let the other troops take Night Sky City straight from the other three sides.”

“If he, Han Qianqian, has trenches on one wall, there can’t be trenches on the other three sides, can there? Even if he did, he certainly couldn’t have three more days of Evil Taotie to help him eat endlessly, right? And, even if he had three Taotie, he couldn’t possibly have three more 20,000 cavalry to help him fend them off, could he?”

“In that case, once we take Night Sky City, we can form a closed siege and close the door on the dogs.”

Although the approach was a little more straightforward and simple, the envoy believed that this method of fighting was enough to make it difficult for Han Qianqian to resist.

The elder smiled gently, “After all, you are my envoy, I did not misjudge you.”

“However, the other three sides I believe will not be equally good to attack, Han Qianqian doesn’t know what strange formations he will put up again, so you lead the troops to attack.”

The envoy received his orders, “I will take a head count.”

“Remember, attack hard, not recklessly, and if things don’t go right, don’t be righteous, just retreat immediately. We must not be too hasty in our siege of Han 3,000.”

“There are things that seem simple but can be complicated, and there are things that seem complicated but are simple.”

The envoy once again took orders, “My subordinate understands.”

As soon as the envoy left, the elder also stood up from his seat.

“Han Qianqian, although this move of my subordinate is not really clever, I would like to see what kind of card you are trying to play.”

With those words, he also got up and left the tent.

A few moments later, the camp’s charge sounded.

With the rising of the sun, a new round of attacks was launched.

The special envoy led three generals and attacked from the south, north and west of Night Sky City, in three large armies of 30,000 each.

At the same time, directly east of Night Sky City, the troops there also launched an even more ferocious attack after a change of wave.

Outside the private room, Scar stood there covered in fatigue.

He had been knocking on the door for a long time, but Han Qianqian did not make any noise.

He wanted to barge in, but the guards at the door wouldn’t let him in. They said that Han Qianqian had ordered that no one else was allowed in unless he gave his permission.

This was something that even Luo Jin, who had given the order, could not get his subordinates to open the door.

“This eastern onslaught, although our cavalry regiment can withstand it, we have no one on the other three sides.”

“There are 30,000 troops coming from each of the three sides, once they break out, we will have no way to fight.”

“I have already asked Hai Jin, Pei Mu and Pei Yuan to lead 5,000 cavalry each and immediately rush to the three sides to temporarily deal with the enemy first.”

“Aiya, Lord of the Alliance, you should say something instead.”

No matter how Scar shouted, there was no response from Han Qianqian inside, those who didn’t know even thought he was drinking and drunk inside.

“Lord Luo, why don’t you do me a favour and just have the door opened?” Scar said helplessly.

Although Luo Jin’s face was also anxious, he was still more or less reluctant: “But, Warrior Han has asked me to …… must ensure that no one in the private room is disturbed ah.”

“Aiya, you have just said that my alliance master drank with you all night last night, this may not be that he was just confused and said it casually. As you know, how can words count when you’re drinking?”

Thinking about it, Scar seemed to have a point, it seemed that nothing could be taken seriously when people were drunk.

It was like when one was drunk and others helped one, one would definitely shout that I was not drunk and that I could still drink more.

Thinking of this, and in light of the importance of the matter, Luo Jin nodded his head.

Immediately afterwards, he said to the subordinates guarding the door, “You all go away, you are not needed here.”

There was no doubt that the subordinates were in a difficult position, for on the one hand, the master had only recently ordered that no one should be allowed inside, and on the other hand, he had suddenly changed his mind, so they really did not know what to do.

But at that moment, the voice of Han Qianqian inside rang out ……