His True Colours Chapter 4291

Han Qianqian was at a loss, his whole head was in a sharp pain, and he held his head as various images began to fly through his mind.

The forbidden land of death.

He had swallowed the lava monster.

Subsequently, the lava monster exploded completely inside himself!

He lost consciousness.

When he woke up, the forbidden land of death had completely disappeared, and there was an additional blood-red totem on his arm.

It was the image of the lava monster!

It would sometimes flash, and each time it did, it would cause the blood to flow wildly throughout his body, and then blur before his eyes.

But …… once it flashed afterwards, everything was back to normal again.

Then, it was the old man’s voice ringing in his own head, but he couldn’t hear a word of what the old man said.

The headache was splitting, and Han Qianqian wanted to break his brain open completely.

Seeing this, Su Yingxia hurriedly pulled Han Qianqian while rushing Pei Ku, “After we went in, we met a super troll in the Death Forbidden Land.”

“It was so terrifying and extremely strong that it was difficult for us to resist.”

“But the Death Forbidden Land has now disappeared, so I think that the troll should have had some strange incident with Three Thousand, and Three Thousand might even be affected by his demonic nature now.”

Hearing Su Yingxia’s words, Pei Gu forced down the sadness of the Seventh Princess’ death, “You mean …… three thousand he might have had his mind broken by that troll?”

Su Yingxia nodded heavily, judging from Han Qianqian’s physical condition, the demonic energy was extremely heavy, so this guess was extremely reasonable.

“No wonder.” Pei Ku nodded, “After he came back, everything was actually normal before, not only did he protect our Pei family, but he also came up with a plan to lead us to fight back against our enemies.”

“But after hearing the news of your death, all of a sudden, the demonic energy flared up, and the whole person also completely turned extremely crazy, killing people almost on sight!”

“At first, I thought that the news of your death had hit him too hard, but now it seems ……”

“He will be completely mad because of my death, but never this mad. So ……,” Su Yingxia said, holding Han Qianqian gently in her arms and patting her hand slightly on his shoulder to ease his emotions.

“I guess that’s true. I always thought that he was extremely similar to those black beasts, and now it seems that it wasn’t just me thinking blindly.”

“Clan Chief Pei, I would like to take three thousand to a quiet place for a while, and when he is more stable, I will bring him to the Pei Mansion to thank him.” Su Yingxia said.

Pei Ku shook his head, “San Qian is not guilty. Three Thousand entrusted you and Miss Ziyou to me that day, and not only did I fail to protect you, but I even put you in danger for our sake, and I blame my old man’s incompetence, who happened to lose his power at that time, so much so that he didn’t go to save you, instead ……”

“Three thousand want to kill me, this is common sense.”

“But the Seventh Princess ……”

“She was trying to save me, not to mention that three thousand was extremely angry at that time, even if it was normal, it may not be able to retract, I was just heartbroken that my daughter left, and not blaming it on three thousand. The fruit of everything is the cause that I have sown.” With these words, Pei Gu looked at the Grand Princess, “Go and clean up Qifeng Pavilion, so that Qianlian and Yingxia can rest.”


“By the way, where is Miss Ziyou?” Pei Ku suddenly frowned and asked.

“She was injured and was not sure of the situation in the city at the time, so Yingxia did not dare to take her with her at will.” Su Yingxia said.

“Where is she, I will order someone to fetch her back now, please don’t worry, I will arrange for a large number of famous doctors to treat her injuries.”

Seeing Pei Ku’s sincerity, Su Yingxia nodded and told Pei Ku where Ziyou was perched.

Afterwards, under the leadership of the Grand Princess, Su Yingxia assisted Han Qianqian and slowly made her way towards Qifeng Pavilion.

Pei Gu let out a long breath of relief. It was fortunate that Su Yingxia had arrived in time, otherwise, the large Pei family’s main city would have been in ruins.

“Send someone to clean up the battlefield, in addition, invite some famous doctors, I want to stay with Seventh Child for a while.”

Carrying the Seventh Princess, Pei Gu staggered towards the Pei Mansion.

Soon after, the two couples also arrived at Qifeng Pavilion ……