His True Colours Chapter 4778

With these words, Han Qianqian gently withdrew and once again concealed his form.

Although Han Qianqian’s initial plan was to hide the last of his cavalry as much as he could, this was in fact only a high-end idea on Han Qianqian’s part.

It was just a dream, that’s all!

In reality, he knew very well that there was no way to hide the numbers of this group.

So exposure was certain, which is why before the battle began he had hoped to hide the numbers, but after the fight he had left the troops all in Scar’s hands to command.

The purpose was obvious too!

Then from that moment on, Han Qianqian knew that he couldn’t keep the secret.

So, when he handed over the troops to Scar, he naturally left everything to Scar.

Whether he was willing to fight all at once, or whatever, was his freedom.

However, showing one card did not mean that Han Qianqian did not have the option to do so, but that he had other cards.

And Han Qianqian believed that these were all trump cards, enough to change the game.

“Let’s fight, I hope you have fun.” Han Qianqian said, pulling out a jug of wine from his waist and downing a gla*s, a moment of freedom.

“At night, let you all have a full meal first.”

As the words fell, Han Qianqian narrowed his eyes and flashed a faint, faint smile.

Night, gradually coming.

On the battlefield, bodies were piled up in mountains. Even if the cavalry regiment was brave and good at fighting, even if there were many men in black, they still fell under the cruelty of war.

The black air could slowly spread and finally disappear into the air, but even so, it was still too late to disperse, because there were too many dead.

On the other side of the cavalry regiment, the strange beasts and cavalrymen were also killed and injured, or wounded, or fell to the ground and never got up again.

But, fortunately, the fighting stopped for a moment.

“Commander, the soldiers are a little tired, but it’s just nightfall, so I’m sure the enemy is definitely not going to stop fighting us for a while and fight again at dawn.”

Yes, it is true that on conventional warfare, both sides may slow down their attacks after nightfall, which is due to conventional reasons such as sight lines.

But here it was completely different; the enemy was more ferocious after nightfall.

Today’s brief period of time is just a slight adjustment by the enemy, and in a few moments it will be a thunderous attack.

“What is the state of the warriors?”

“Twenty-two thousand, more than three thousand killed in battle, and …… wounded …… almost 80%.”

Hearing this figure, despite having previously prepared, Scar was still extremely shocked.

Almost all of them were almost finished being wounded ah.

Moreover, the battle deaths were also up to more than 3,000 people ……

This is simply ……

Forcing back his heartache, Scar said, “What about the other three lines?”

“The other three lines ……”

“Go ahead, it’s fine, it’s all come to this.”

“The other three sides are in worse shape than us, according to the news that just came in, the other three sides are close to fifty percent dead in battle, and although they are not facing as many men as we are, they also don’t have our fortifications or trenches and are charging completely on the flat.”

“They can manage without getting tangled up, but as you know, once the cavalry is tangled up ……”

Yes, the result was obvious, how could the consequences not be dire if the horse lost its footing.

“Commander-in-Chief, by current reckoning, I fear ……”

“You’re worried that it won’t last the night, are you?”

The subordinate nodded, the enemy’s attack at night would be even more ferocious, and the soldiers had already resisted all afternoon, exhaustion and casualties were very serious, it was bound to be difficult to hold out this evening.


Scar sighed, “No matter what, even if we die, we can hold out for as long as we can count.”


“Inform everyone, set up a formation immediately and prepare to meet the enemy.”


The subordinates departed, and a few moments later the troops regrouped and mounted their horses!

And on the other three sides, almost like on this side, after a short adjustment, a bunch of remnants of wounded soldiers gritted their teeth and reluctantly reorganised.

Scar was in the lead, standing in front of the line on his strange beast, imposing and dominant.

He suddenly raised his lance in his hand, “Brothers, are you afraid to die?”


“Good, worthy of my Polar Bear Legion, back then, when we overthrew the Heavenly Demon Fort, we thought we would have today, today, it’s here, how about settling old grudges with them along with new ones?”


“Good, I am your commander, I will go first, follow me if you are not afraid of death!”

With those words, Scar directly abandoned his position, slapped the strange beast, and reversed his defensive position!

Charge !!!!