His True Colours Chapter 4956

“This question is actually not difficult.” Han Qianqian smiled and got up to pour a glass of wine for the two of them, “You see, this people are dependent on food, even for us cultivators, we actually need to have no grain to cover our bellies, just because we have cleansed our bodies because of our true qi, plus absorbing spiritual qi can also replenish our bodies’ needs, so we are not so easily hungry and do not need food to replenish at any time. But, it is still necessary all the time.”

“That being said, and this is where my question comes in, that group of black-clad people should actually be theoretically the same as us, but, again, they are immortal and different from us, so what do they rely on for sustenance as a group, although I suspect that since the Dragon Vein provides them with life and death, it should also provide whatever substance they should need. ”

“But you are, in the end, what they once were, and so I think this

question would be best asked of both of you.”

Hai Jin nodded, “The Dragon Veins are indeed the key to our life and death, and indeed as you suspect, many of the sustenance we need for our basic survival is also largely provided by the Dragon Veins.”

Tiger’s teeth echoed, “But unlike life support, which is invisible, as long as we are close to a certain area of the dragon veins, we can absorb the aura emanating from them, and then we can sustain life, or, when we die, our aura will be absorbed by the dragon veins and reunited in the general area to give birth to us. However, feeding is a little different.”

Hai Jin nodded and said, “Feeding needs to be tangible.”

“In other words, what you eat can also be blood and water from the dragon veins, or even blood qi sucked in for a while, or some fresh blood

and other things are fine, but one thing is certain as well as certain in any case, and that is …… must be physical.”

Tiger asked, “By the way, ally, why are you asking this?”

Han Qianqian smiled gently and did not answer on this question, instead he fell into some kind of thought.

The two men did not dare to interrupt, and could only wait quietly on the side.

Just then, Han Qianqian suddenly raised his head and looked at the two of them, “Look, you guys, there are a million troops stationed outside here, so many people, what are they going to eat?”

Hai Jin, who had been following Han Qianqian for some time, immediately understood Han Qianqian’s meaning, “Allied Lord, you want to ……”

The so-called food and grass first, this means that food and grass is the most important thing for the troops to march, since this is the case, they have more people and more power, but the consumption is also very huge, if we directly cut off their food

If we cut off their food, will the advantage become a disadvantage?”

Hai Jin smiled bitterly, it was obvious that Han Qianqian’s bipolar theory had come up again.

However, he also had to admit that Han Qianqian was right.

“But the problem is, as we said earlier, with such a massive force, naturally the dragon veins that support them are also very huge, and such a dragon vein is very heavily guarded, the difficulty of attacking there will definitely not be lower than if we were to directly fight this million strong army head on, I think.” Hai Jin said.

Tiger’s Tooth also said, “Yes Allied Lord, this is not exaggerated to the slightest degree by Hai Jin, you have also broken into the Dragon Veins before, and you know that the Blood Pond itself possesses extremely strong defensive capabilities regardless of its size, and if it is large enough and there are enough people yet guarding it, then the difficulty will be even more exaggerated. So, ally, it may seem like a good idea, but in reality it is not at all.

It could be an extremely bad idea.”

Han Qianqian shook his head and looked at the two of them, “I don’t agree with you, in fact, for me, just cutting off the food is the best option.”

The two men looked at me and me at you, full of both puzzlement at Han Qianqian’s certainty and worry at Han Qianqian’s bent determination, after all, if you think about it another way, this is indeed difficult when facing an army of millions, but you at least have a space and ground to manoeuvre on, but if you are going to break the dragon veins, it also means that you need to go to the blood pool.

That surroundings are basically closed, and people can even smother you alive inside by crowding people.

But not only was Han Qianqian not the least bit worried at this point, but he had an incomparably confident smile on his face, which left the anxious duo somewhat baffled as to what Han Qianqian was trying to do!