His True Colours Chapter 4754

“First, although the soldiers in the rear perimeter should make barriers to prevent Han Sanchieng from escaping, the movements should not be too extended so that Han Sanchieng will not know our movements.”

“My subordinate understands.”

“This second, immediately send men into the city, give me close surveillance of Han Qianqian’s every move, be detailed, to what extent, I want to be clear even if he takes a few minutes to go to the toilet.”

Only by strictly monitoring Han Qianqian’s every move and not letting go of any details could we get a glimpse of Han Qianqian’s true intentions as soon as possible.

“My subordinate will go to it.”

“Remember, although the surveillance is much tighter, we must also be very careful, Han Qianqian is a master, any movement may alert him, once he is alerted, any information we get back will lose its value. Therefore, any clues must be obtained when he is completely unprepared.

situation to obtain.”


Bidding farewell to the elders, the envoy hurriedly arranged for those below to carry out the operation.

Soon after, the rear army really moved a part of the army silently and barricaded the entire defence line, while the scouts in Night Sky City also began to move.

Inside the City Lord’s Palace.

“Master, you’ve had your tea and pastries, shouldn’t you tell us what medicine Han Qianqian is selling in his gourd?”

In the inner room, the maidservant, Ming’er, pouted next to Luo Jin.

Luo Ying’er was a lady of the house, so she was not allowed to be so rude, but her pretty eyes were looking at her father.

Luo Jin smiled softly: “First of all, I am just guessing, it is not my business whether it is accurate or not. I’ve just read some things to make an analysis.”

The two women nodded their heads like garlic and looked at him blearily.

“I think Han Qianqian should be behind

should make a big move, and that he is, right now, more like a deliberate act. Maybe, it should, probably, be done deliberately to make everyone think he’s going to run.”

“That, including the fact that Han Qianqian’s wife lives in a different garden and has not been out.”

The servant girl wondered, “If he was going to deliberately create the appearance that he wanted to run, wouldn’t that be all the more reason to bring his wife with him?”

Luo Jin shook his head, “The enemy is also intelligent, if Han Qianqian made it so obvious, it would instead give the impression that he might not run. If I were the enemy, I would have to believe that he might run away, rather preferring to believe in this situation at the moment.”

Luo Ying’er nodded: “Father’s words have a point, the duel of smart people, if you play all your cards clearly, then on the contrary, it will not make people believe your bottom card.”

Luo Jin smiled, “Yes, at the moment, separating from Su Yingxia is somehow more like Han Qianqian wanting to run, but the most crucial

But the key thing is that the best part of this move is that now that Su Yingxia is in the other garden, no one knows what she is doing.”

When she heard this, the servant girl didn’t quite understand, but the smart Luo Ying’er understood it instantly, and when she thought about it, she was secretly shocked.

Two birds with one stone!

If Han Qianqian’s actions made the other party notice that he was trying to run, then when the time came, the other party would definitely strengthen their defences.

If Han Qianqian launched a surprise counter-attack at that moment, he would inevitably cause huge problems for the enemy.

On the other hand, Su Yingxia, who had not shown herself, was most likely a killer in Han Qianqian’s hands.

No one knows what the situation is on Su Yingxia’s side right now, and there’s no telling if it will be a big surprise when the time comes.

“At least, at the moment, it seems like there is a glimmer of light in the mist again.” Luo Ying’er said.


Nearly also nodded: “Although this is my guess, I’m more willing to believe that this is the real Han Qianqian’s intention, he is such a strong person, it is absolutely impossible for him to give up so lightly.”

Luo Ying’er nodded, “In that case, Han Qianqian deliberately stayed in the private room, including acting like he didn’t care about anything, in order to make everyone think he wanted to run.”

Luo Jin said, “Not bad, so I reckon that next, a vicious battle is bound to break out.”

The servant girl rubbed her head, “Although I can’t quite understand what you are saying, I generally understand what you mean. Anyway, I also think that this person has sent 800,000 troops, how can they fight so painlessly, it’s just the calm before the storm. I have a feeling that a real big war is about to break out.”

“And, once it breaks out, it will surely be devastating and fill the city with blood and rain!”