His True Colours Chapter 4794

“What are you laughing at?” Chi Meng said softly.

“I’m laughing at the enemy’s stupidity, or rather, I’m laughing at Han Qianqian for being smart enough.”

“Miss, Han Qianqian’s technique of luring the enemy did not succeed, so why are you praising him?”

“Baiting the enemy?” Lu Ruoxin laughed softly, “A soldier is a tricky path, don’t just look at the surface of things.”

“There are great scholars who are orthodox commanders, who command in a measured manner and mobilize well, and there are those who are gra*sroots, who act according to local conditions and see what they can do.”

“The former is like the waters of the Yellow River coming from the sky, with an overwhelming momentum, while the latter, the moves used may be nasty and nasty, but they can also be used to maximum advantage in a limited space, thus turning defeat into victory.”

“Then which kind does Miss think Han Qianqian is?”

“Him?” Lu Ruoxin laughed lightly, “He is neither of these, or rather, he is neither of these

is both.”

“Miss, is he really that good?”

“Chi Meng, if you had watched Han Qianqian’s chess tonight, you wouldn’t have questioned it.”

“Chi Meng’s eyes are clumsy, so I would like to ask for your clarification.”

“Do you really think he is baiting the enemy?!”


“You are wrong, Han Qianqian is not baiting the enemy, but is buying rest for his own men.”

“Miss, what is the explanation for this?”

“It’s simple, the army of black-clad men at hand have just suffered the loss of Han Qianchang’s Evil Taotie raid once, so they are bound to be careful, as evidenced by the fact that the other side will not add a second attack at night.”

Chi Meng nodded: “Against Han Qianqian, of course we must be careful.”

“He is precisely taking advantage of the other side’s cautiousness to let the troops set up camp with great fanfare and rest properly, then at this time, the enemy army will be angry, but what about after the anger?

It can only be calm.”

“What Miss means is that the enemy army is afraid of being fooled and suffering another daytime loss, so, they simply don’t dare to attack at will?”

“Not bad, so what may seem like a stupid move is actually quite shrewd.”

“Isn’t he, Han Qianqian, afraid that the enemy army will have a tendency and will have to hit him? This would instantly wipe out his troops, and the risk of this is …… unimaginably high.”

Lu Ruoxin smiled: “There is indeed a great risk, however, it is also really worth a gamble. For if the enemy were a single-minded person, the battle would not have advanced so slowly over so many days.”

“This guy is really difficult to deal with.” Chi Meng said speechlessly, “Scumbag.”

“He is supremely clever, knows what moves to use against what people, and his ability to be flexible and adaptable is simply top-notch. Someone like him, removing his stature alone, is enough to occupy a place in the Eightfold World with his talent, Chi Meng

You should learn from him.”

Chi Meng nodded: “I understand, slave servant. However, even if he is smart, he cannot escape the palm of your hand.”

Lu Ruoxin smiled gently, “I did think so when I first met him, but as I said before, some things are starting to go beyond my expectations.

“My lady, you have always been confident, but why this time? It’s not that the slave is complimenting you, all this way, Han Qianqian has teased almost any opponent, but only in your hands, never completely gaining the upper hand, so ……”

Lu Ruoxin frowned slightly: “But, I never had a complete upper hand in front of him either didn’t I?”

Chi Meng did not answer.

“So, until the end, it’s unknown who will die. Where are our men and horses?” Lu Ruoxin suddenly asked.

Chi Meng said, “Right at the back.”

“Order them to hide, in case

must not be discovered by outsiders, and if there is any action, I will give my own orders.”

Chi Meng knew that the young lady was determined to hold off on a*sisting Han Qianchang, and her heart was inevitably a little worried as she said, “Although Han Qianchang did have a series of brilliant plans today.”

“But, as the old saying goes, it is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice, and the situation Han Qianqian is in now, even if he will change a thousand times, but what can he do?”

He simply does not have enough troops to cope with it. It is like one person who is good at kung fu and can fight ten or even a hundred, but what can he do against tens of thousands or millions?

It would just end in being killed alive.

“Let’s take one step and see what happens.” Lu Ruoxin said, “Because, I am more curious than you are, such a rotten dish, how exactly is Han Qianqian going to make it in all shapes and flavors ……”

“Now, after watching Han Qianqian more, I’m starting to like the way he plays this kind of big gamble.”