His True Colours Chapter 3914

“Joke, Han Qianqian, do you really f*cking think you’re a god? If you want to brag, you have to look at your own f*cking abilities first, right? With you alone? You’re scaring fools here?” Ye Shijun bellowed coldly.

“Who told you that I’m alone?”

With those words, Han Qianqian violently accelerated and suddenly charged down directly from the top of the mountain.

To some extent, Han Qianqian was indeed terrifying, but as Ye Shijun’s angry voice shouted that he was only one person, the army’s heart was rea*sured and the crowd swarmed in the face of Han Qianqian’s attack.

Han Qianqian was like a whale falling into a school of fish, and once he entered the crowd, he went straight for the kill.

Even though the soldiers beside Ye Shijun were far different from those of the day, they were still clearly not enough to face a pervert like Han Qianqian.

However, even though soldiers fell wherever Han Qianqian pa*sed, the asymmetry in power did not make too much of a difference to the whole situation.

An endless stream of soldiers poured towards Han Qianqian.

Ye Shijun hid at the back of the crowd and looked coldly at Han Qianqian, who was surrounded.

Of course he was not a fool, to fight Han Qianqian hard in his prime was not seeking abuse.

He was impulsive, but not brainless.

He wanted to wait until Han Qianqian was completely exhausted and had no resistance, then he would go and show his power.

“Go on, give me a go, he’s only one person, let’s kill him.” Ye Shijun kept directing his men towards Han Qianqian to kill him.

Even a man with good water skills would drown in the continuous water!

As Ye Shijun commanded, more and more soldiers joined the battle, and there was a flash of swords and shadows.

“Lord Zhu City, what do you think.” Hei Yu asked Zhu Yanshuo as he stood far away from the battlefield.

Zhu Yanshuo coughed lightly, “To be honest, it was expected that the general attack would be launched from the bottom of the mountain, and that Han Qianqian would also attack from the top of the mountain, after all, this is a back and forth attack, and this is the art of war.”

“However, what I really did not expect was that Han Qianqian had come to attack, but he came alone.”

“I dare to say that I don’t know whether to praise Han Qianqian for this, or to pity him.”

“After all, attacking down alone can highlight his Han Qianqian’s unparalleled courage, but it also reveals all kinds of heartache at the same time.”

When Hei Yu heard that, he actually felt the same way, but there was still a hint of worry above his eyebrows, “But I always feel that there’s a deception here. This person, Han Qianqian, doesn’t seem to be a reckless person, he dares to come alone to attack us, he should be prepared, right?”

Zhu Yanshuo nodded, “His plot should be to hold us back with his personal strength, and then cooperate with the attack down the mountain to complete the general attack. In fact, Ye Shijun is right, we just need to not let him transfer the tiger away from the mountain.”

“Is it really that simple?” Hei Yu frowned.

Although it did seem that this should be the case, for some reason, Hei Yu always felt vaguely uneasy.

“The top of Han Three Thousand Mountain is at most a group of executives, numbering a few hundred at most, my subordinate believes that they will cause us some trouble, but definitely won’t be of much use.” The last one is always on the lookout for the front, so that we can deal with these executives at any time.”

Hei Yu thought for a moment and nodded his head.

Zhu Yanshuo hurriedly nodded at the three commanders next to him, who quickly deployed after receiving orders.

Within a few moments, the three elite troops were standing in ambush on the left and right sides as well as in the centre ready to stand by according to Hei Yu’s instructions.

The Great Age of Genetics


Almost as soon as the deployment was also completed, the three troops on the left and right sides, including the frontal position where Han Qianqian had just come down, quickly rushed down from the top of the mountain.

“Indeed!” As he watched the three troops attack from three sides, Zhu Yanshuo clenched his fist.

He had guessed Han Qianqian’s intentions correctly!

“Han Qianqian, trying to play dirty, hehehe, it’s a pity, the old masters have already anticipated this.” Ye Shijun laughed coldly and spoke loudly towards Han Qianqian in mockery, “Han Qianqian, you are no better than that.”

Han Qianqian smiled coldly, “Is that so?”

At these words, Ye Shijun’s pupils suddenly widened, as if he had seen an unbelievable scene ……