His True Colours Chapter 4468


The legion of black-clothed men that had already been almost half lost by Han Qianqian’s two consecutive big moves suddenly roared out with that leader’s roar.

In the next second, suddenly, out of nowhere, at least thousands more black-clothed men rushed out at once, completely replenishing the legion of black-clothed men that had previously lost more than half of them in almost the blink of an eye.


This time, it was Han Qianqian’s turn to be completely dumbfounded.

“So many people?”

After two waves first, this group of people always managed to replenish quickly after each time they were destroyed.

This really made one cry out in wonder.


The nearly ten thousand numbers of black-clothed men bellowed in unison, and all of a sudden, their aura was as powerful as a rainbow.

Han Qianqian frowned and retreated slightly, keeping his guard up.

“Kill me!”

The black-clothed leader waved a large hand, and the ten thousand troops charged again.


Even if Han Qianqian was really strong, however, he couldn’t stand being tossed around like this.

Faced with a tsunami of attacks, right now, he could only slowly retreat backwards while holding on to the triangle attack.

“Han Qianqian, it’s not over yet, come again!”


In the original place, nearly ten thousand more men in black came out and then joined the battle.


Another wave!



After ten minutes, Han Qianqian had completely lost track of how many times such roars kept ringing out from the other side.

All that was clear to him was that the encirclement surrounding him on all sides had become increasingly dense and waterlogged.


Another roar, but not the imposing one of the man in black, but a roar of pain from the evil Taotie.

Even this fellow with thick skin and thick flesh was now clearly beginning to suffer in the face of such an attack.

It was also true that this group of people from the other side was so capable and numerous that even a strong man like Han Qianqian was hard pressed, bruised and in pain.

“If you continue like this, Han Qianqian, you will definitely die, retreat!” The Devil Dragon’s voice rang out in his head.

Han Qianqian was depressed, he didn’t even need to mention it much.

The opponent was too strong and there were too many of them, just for ten minutes, although it was not so much that Han Qianqian was completely empty, but at least it made Han Qianqian almost exhausted.

With such a large number of people, if the fight continued, even if Han Qianqian turned on his Taixu to restart his power again, in the end, the result would be the same, that is, he would die of exhaustion.

But the word “retreat” had never occurred to Han Qianqian.

Once he retreated, it would not matter if he lost the Heavenly Demon Fortress, but what would happen to the people behind him? What would happen to those who had joined his Polar Bear Legion?

I am afraid that what awaits them is nothing but death and slaughter.

So, how could Han Qianqian have any reason or possibility to retreat?

At that moment, there was no other choice but to fight and kill the enemy.

These people had no intention of giving Han Qianqian any chance to retreat. “Do you think I can retreat now? f*ck, it’s strange to say, where did you find so many elites in this Heavenly Demon Fortress?

In terms of single-armed capability, this group of elites is not even remotely comparable to the Pei family’s elites.

What was even more terrifying was that there were so many of them that it was simply impossible to kill them all.

Even an old family like the Pei family simply could not have such a large group of elites, Han Qianqian always felt that the other side was strange.

But for a moment, he didn’t know exactly what was strange about it.

Under his own fire sword, there was no possibility of recovery for this group of people, so the kind of regeneration that happened before would not happen.

It was contradictory, but then again it was reality.

“I feel strange too, but I can’t find any reason for it.”

From the moment Han Qianqian started fighting with the opposite side, the Demon Dragon had actually been observing, but just as Han Qianqian said, many things seemed strange, but it was impossible to analyse any reason at all.

“f*ck, did it really flip over?” Han Qianqian said in a depressed manner.

This Heavenly Demon Fort’s city lord had been killed by himself, but he didn’t expect that after this b*****d’s death, the real big trouble would really follow.

Even if Han Qianqian had expected it, he could not have expected the situation to be this outrageous.

“What are you going to do?” The Devil Dragon asked.

Han Qianqian shook his head, “I don’t know, if you’re asking me for a plan, I don’t have one, but the determination is very clear, and that is to fight them to the end.”

“Behind me are my wife and brothers, there is no possibility of me backing down.”

With these words, he directly cut off the connection with the Magic Dragon, and Han Qianqian directly started to kill.

And almost at the same time, Su Yingxia’s side ……