His True Colours Chapter 4797

Knock, knock, knock!

With the heavy drums of the cavalry regiment sounding, a new day was officially kicked off.

Seemingly in response to the cavalry regiment, the enemy side also quickly sounded the bugle to start the troops, and a large number of large numbers of black-clad men were lined up and whole. ****

The first thing you can do is to look at them, like the huge waves under the approaching sea tide, layer after layer, suffocating feeling full.

“Gentlemen, yesterday’s battle, are you ashamed?”

The envoy himself marched out in front of the enemy’s lines.

The generals chorused, “Shame.”

“Good, since you know shame, you must learn to take back what you have lost yourselves. They, right in front of us, can they be taken?”

Once again, the generals spoke in unison, “Take them!”

“Good!” Hearing the high morale, the envoy waved the red banner in his hand, “Order the first column to launch a general attack, with a frontal a*sault!”


The yellow flag in his hand waved again, “Order the second column, double flank cover

protection, enemy attack to supplement defence, enemy defence to supplement attack.”


The green pieces in his hand were shaken again, “Third, fourth column.”


With this neat, unified yell, a metallic sound shook the sky.

A huge procession of 100,000 men and horses took a step forward.

“Today, your main task is to pester the Evil Taotie, I do not ask you to take it down, but you must ensure that you give me a deadly position, where the Evil Taotie goes you give me pester to where, of course, it is best that you trap it in one place, understand?”


“Where are the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th columns!”


Another hundred thousand or so people took a step straight ahead.

“Take the position of the three sides and follow the army, remember, your duty, not to participate in the battle or to kill the enemy, your duty is to give me to ensure that the war in the battlefield goes smoothly

, when God comes, kill God, when Buddha comes, destroy Buddha, do you understand?”


“Tenth and eleventh columns, move with the army as well, form a second protective circle, if Gods and Buddhas come, your first priority is to interfere, trap and attack, give a*sistance to the four columns in the first circle inside to attack and delay, no mistakes.”


“Twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth columns.”


“Your three columns form protection in a triangle in the third circle, your task is to roam, should any side change and become exhausted, you are to immediately follow and go to support, do you understand?”


“Good, fourteen columns, a total of 600,000 men, Han Qianqian, this time, how else are you going to play with me?”

As he watched the fourteen columns move slowly forward like an immense net, amidst the sound of his own drums and trumpets, the envoy revealed

a smile of satisfaction.

The fourteen columns were not complicated to play, but the functionality of the inner ranks had been divided last night by a few executives overnight.

They each have their own tasks and they are not extremely difficult to complete, which ensures that it does not go wrong and there is duplication in the division of labour in the team so that even if someone makes a mistake, others can quickly fill in.

Then, with none of them making mistakes in this way, it was like a big running carriage.

No one can stop it; the only thing that can stop it is that it stops itself.

“The enemy is attacking.”

In front of Scar’s formation, the cavalry regiment had also long been ready, and Scar stood at the front of the line as his subordinate beside him warned in a soft voice.

“Don’t rush, let’s get closer.” Scar said blandly.

After several days of bitter fighting, he knew exactly what distance was the best distance for a cavalry regiment to charge.


now, too, really relies on the experience he has mixed up with life and death.

A few moments later, the enemy was getting closer and closer, and Scar knew that the distance was about right.

“Brothers, we won yesterday, and to be honest, I enjoyed it very much, so I don’t like losing, and although our side does have a huge disadvantage in numbers, we are united as brothers.”

“I don’t want to say anything else, we’re here to win or to take revenge, let’s fight them to the end today, how about that?”

“Yes.” The cavalry regiment shouted in unison.

“All of you, listen to my orders!”



Under Scar’s leadership, the entire cavalry regiment attacked again.

On the other three sides, the great attrition of dead and wounded in the cavalry regiment was still difficult to cope with, even though the envoy had not made any special arrangements.

The great battle was on again ……