His True Colours Chapter 3908


Pei Ku fiercely frowned, and his body couldn’t help but stand straight up.

Looking at the sky full of attacks, he was really very surprised!

This Cailuo City, isn’t the city defense empty? How …… could there suddenly be such a ma*sive attack?!

Next to him, his attendant was also confused: “Family head!”

“This can’t be, didn’t they say it was an empty city? This area of firepower ……”


Without waiting for the next half of his sentence to be uttered, a violent rain of arrows fell to the ground, and all types of spell attacks landed in response.

Despite their robust bodies, the Beast Clan members were obviously still unable to withstand being killed and injured by such a ma*sive swarm bombardment under defenselessness.

The clansmen were injured or fell in the rain of arrows, and explosions continued to erupt in the ranks.




And almost simultaneously, on the other three sides of the fortification, explosions rang out at the same time!

As far as the eye could see, the whole of Cailuo City was surrounded by flames of fire and the battle was raging!

“This …… this ……” the servant was completely stunned, completely dumbfounded and speechless.

Even Pei Gu, who is the head of a family, was dumbfounded at this time, completely at a loss.

This is not an empty city, this is …… a f*cking city full of iron defenses.

“f*ck, what the f*ck are they doing over there? This is such a firepower city defense, how the f*ck did it become an empty city?” Pei Gu was furious when he came to his senses, slapping the table and cursing angrily.

The servant was also extremely depressed: “Misinformation in battle can be fatal, even when we have the upper hand!”

“That’s right, Master, right now our people have attacked the city so deeply that it’s completely difficult to retreat at once, but if we don’t, the enemy will hit us as if we were defenceless.”

Pei Gu was gasping for breath, he knew these things very well without them saying so, but what could he do now that he was on the brink?

There was no other choice but to go in with a stiff upper lip.

“f*ck, I’m not afraid of a strong enemy, but I’m afraid of my teammates being pigs, I’m really convinced by these idiots. Order the troops, stabilise the formation and continue the attack.”

Riding a tiger, so pa*sive in the battle, Pei Gu’s heart was suffocating to the point of death.

The servant took orders, “I understand.”

As the servant left, Pei Gu slammed his fist on the table in frustration.

At this time, on the Qunshan side.

The 30,000 troops were drawn up by Zhu Yan Shuo and turned their guns directly towards the mountain for defence. The attacking troops from above began to weaken, losing all the morale they had before when they were sure to catch Han Sanchi, more like they were waiting to defend.

“All of you should be in good spirits, don’t let up.” Ye Shijun instructed the soldiers, without the slightest worry on his face, “Even Han Qianqian is dreaming if he wants to dumpling us with just a few tens of thousands of people.”

“Hmph, if I were to follow my temper, I would have just beaten him Han Qianqian the same, I would have had to make it so conservative.”

“But, conservative is conservative, anyway, as long as we wait until we take Cailou City on the periphery, he Han Qianqian will find it hard to fly.”

Fu Tian smiled gently, “Elder Shen Long is also doing this for safety’s sake, although it is true that we have nothing to worry about, but after all, we are facing Han Qianqian, if this guy attacks us at the head and tail, in case something happens and he escapes, then we will be at a great loss.”

The first thing that I can do is to get a good understanding of this. I’m just complaining.”

“He, Han Qianqian, is just a dead man to me, it’s just the difference between dying early and dying late.”

Fu Tian smiled, “It’s good that you understand.”

Ye Shijun laughed coldly and looked towards the top of the mountain, “Han Qianqian, I’ll see how you die this time. Listen to the commotion, the siege battle has already been fought over there, right?”


“Oh, the scale of 200,000 is really different, attacking an empty city is making such a big noise, I also want to keep a low profile, but look, this strength does not allow it.” Ye Shijun harrumphed.

Fu Tian also laughed along with him.

However, at that moment, Ye Shijun suddenly frowned, “Fu Tian, why hasn’t the army under this mountain moved?”

Fu Tian was about to speak, but at that moment, there was a clamour from behind him, and when he looked down his eyes, he saw a ghost in time ……

My Iceberg Beauty Wife

“What the f*ck is that?”