Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3435

“My uncle didn’t stand a chance against that guy today.”

“He’s still in the emergency room at the inspector’s house.”

“Can’t you all understand the horror of that guy now? ”

Wang San told them all about his uncle being defeated by Lin Mo.

This was what caused One-Eye, who was originally filled with disbelief, to wave his hand and stop his men’s movements.

“You mean, your uncle, the captain of the inspector’s office went to find out about the man you mentioned today.”

“Straight away he was badly injured and is even now lying in the emergency room.”

One-Eye repeated his inner thoughts and looked up at Wang San.

Although it was embarra*sing to put himself as the uncle toeing the line for a duel and being badly injured.

But now in order to be able to talk One-Eye into them going to the northern docks.

Wang San had to come up with this incident to prove he was right.

“I said how could someone be so kind as to come and warn us.”

“So it’s because you want to use our western pier as your gun, how dare you!”

This time in the foreword, One-Eye did not carry a heavy murderous aura anymore.

Instead, he gave Wang San a warning look in his gaze.

No one liked to be used as a gun.

Even if this thing was a certain threat as well as a drawback to oneself.

“Get the hell out of here while I’ve changed my mind now.”

“Otherwise you won’t be able to leave if you want to later.”

After knowing what he wanted to know. One-eye gave a direct order for Wang San to get lost.

“Yes, yes, yes, but Chairman One-Eye. It’s better to do it sooner rather than later.”

“Otherwise, when they really grow up completely, it will be difficult to make a move before.”

After saying that, Wang San didn’t dare to stop in the slightest.

Quickly, he ran in the direction he came from.

In case that one-eyed dog thing really killed himself later.

Even his own uncle could probably do nothing but resign himself to his fate.

After Wang San left, a group of strong men’s eyes looked towards One-Eye.

“Chairman, are we really going to attack the docks in the north?”

“Yes Chairman, that guy is obviously using us as guns.”

“His own uncle was invalidated by someone else, so maybe there’s something else to hide.”

A few burly men came out and inquired at One-Eye.

They were all a few of the powerful generals under One-Eye’s command.

They were the only ones who dared to ask One-Eye directly if he wanted to attack the docks in the north.

One Eye looked at all of them and said in a deep voice.

“It doesn’t matter if what that Wang San said is true or not, whether that man is that powerful or not.”

“But we definitely can’t just sit back and wait for death, if that guy is really as powerful as Wang San said.”

“Kill him at the earliest opportunity!”

Once One-Eye’s words came out, the few people around them didn’t continue to speak.

They could ask, but they couldn’t question One-Eye’s opinion.

“The time to start the war will be set for tomorrow night , a direct night attack on the northern docks.”

“Those who can be killed must not be seriously injured!”


A strong man replied in a deep voice to One-Eye.

“Alright, all go and rest.”

After the group dispersed, One-Eye domineeringly went back inside.

The next moment, One-Eye, who had been so domineering outside, instantly transformed into a humble stance.

“It’s all taken care of, right?”

“My subordinates have taken care of everything, it’s just some things that happened on the gang.”

One-Eye’s voice was filled with fervour as well as loyalty as he dropped to one knee and knelt in front of a man respectfully.

“Well, that’s good, another batch of pigs for sale to the lab will arrive in a few days.”

“You guys get these taken care of as soon as you can, so no more messes start then.”

“Or I’ll have to consider a different batch.”

“Yes, my subordinates obey!”

A cold wind blew in and One-Eye’s shirt blew up.

It revealed the mark of a snake’s head and body on his back.