His True Colours Chapter 4465

After hearing Su Yingxia’s plan, Scar visibly froze for a moment.

But in the next second, the whole person immediately hemmed and hawed.

“Madam, it really is Madam, awesome.”

With those words, Scar, under Su Yingxia’s leadership, withdrew from the scene in a flash.

Han Qianqian in the scene, however, was at this moment entering the white heat of war.

As the gang of black-clothed men closed in again, Han Qianqian’s side of the Pan Gu Axe swung round completely.

As soon as they touched Han Qianqian’s Pan Gu Axe, it fell off instantly like a broken wing.

But strange enough, despite the fact that Han Qianqian’s side was killing endlessly and countless black-clothed men were being chopped to the ground, their attacks did not decrease in any way.

They were still coming at Han Qianqian in a steady stream.

Although Han Qianqian was not injured, the intensity of the attacks still made him a bit overwhelmed and his physical strength began to deplete like crazy.

Most importantly, Han Qianqian noticed that this group of people did not seem to have lost much strength?

This was?

While continuing to fight, Han Qianqian frowned and began to think deeply.

If his memory was correct, Han Qianqian should have encountered such a situation before.

The legion of undead that he had met when he was surrounded in the mountains.

They were the same, no matter how hard they fought, they recovered quickly even though they were obviously dead.

Could it be that these people in black were also like that?

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian directly flung his Pan Gu Axe, and after forcibly shaking the enemy back, his body quickly retreated to stand in the air.

“Haha, Han Qianqian, are you afraid?”

Seeing Han Qianqian retreat, that black-clothed voice rang out at the first opportunity.

From the looks of it, Han Qianqian’s move indeed looked like a retreat.

Han Qianqian did not say anything, but while he was in the air, he raised his eyes and found that the other side’s men were still in a dense ma*s, and there was really not much difference compared to the beginning of the battle.

That is to say, Han Qianqian’s guess was right.

The other side hadn’t been f*cking reduced in strength at all.

“No wonder.”

Han Qianqian bellowed coldly.

“Heavenly Fire, Moon Wheel, come back to me!”


The Heavenly Flame Moon Wheel clipped the jade sword and flew back at once.

Mentioning it in his hand, Han Qianqian retrieved the Pan Gu Axe, while at the same time, a tremendous Yang Qi filled the jade sword.

“What, by virtue of your immortal body alone, is that your capital for complacency?” Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

The man in black laughed, full of disdain, “It’s been so long since the fight, and you’ve only just discovered the crux of the matter?”

“Not bad, this gang is human and non-human, readily changeable.”

“The most important thing is that they are immortal and indestructible.”

The words fell, and the man in black laughed hideously and coldly, a moment of utter triumph.

Han Qianqian’s brows locked.

“Immortal and indestructible?”

“With me, Han Qianqian, it does not exist!”

As the flowers fell, Han Qianqian directly held his jade sword and directly lunged to kill.

The swiftness of his movements was like that of a swift dragon!


The jade sword, supercharged by Yang Qi, was like a red-hot fire sword, and while it looked good in a flash, it was extremely powerful!

As the fire sword swept by, many black-clothed men’s heads fell to the ground on the spot.

Subsequently, in the midst of the fire, they were directly burnt clean and reduced to nothing.

And their bodies, too, were completely destroyed in ashes under another flame.

As Han Qianqian attacked like water and fire, one, two, even more people fell one after another.

At that moment, Han Qianqian rose again and looked back down.

What was so rea*suring was that the area that Han Qianqian had slaughtered was indeed completely bustling with people for a while, leaving only black ashes on the ground.

No one had come back from the dead!

“Are they still undead and undying?” Han Qianqian asked in a cold voice.

The man in black seemed completely shocked, and surprisingly did not reply for a moment.

Only after a few moments did the man in black murmur, “Han Qianqian is really Han Qianqian, with such a heavy demonic aura, but one would never have thought there was such a fierce and ferocious yang aura.”

“I still really admire you.”

What these immortal and indestructible soldiers feared the most was Yang Qi, and the powerful Yang Qi was almost completely opposed to their attributes.

If one were to kill them with this ability, it could indeed cause them to directly lose their chance of recovery.

“But even so, what can be done? I have thousands of such soldiers, can you, can you kill them all?”

“And if you finish killing them, does that mean you’ve won?”

“Kill for me!”


All the men in black quickly consolidated once again, then attacked and killed towards Han Qianqian.

“Seek death!”

Han Qianqian was also enraged and rushed straight over ……