His True Colours Chapter 4475


Compared to the last time when the ground shook, this time it came more thoroughly and directly here.

Even the very strong outer walls of the earth city began to drop dust and masonry at this time.

Scar, who had originally wanted to charge, was left in the dust by this, and lost most of his momentum.

Seeing this, his subordinate also hurriedly saw the need to say, “Commander, if you must go on, how about this, leave the rest of the brothers for me, and you take your pair of men and horses to help the lady quickly?”

His own brother he certainly trusted, and, after calming down a little, Scar knew that his brother had a point.

If he took away all the outside help himself, what would happen once the time came when their a*sistance was really needed?

Both the alliance master and the madam were clearly more intelligent than himself

too much higher, and one should not be too presumptuous.

Thinking of this, Scar nodded and glanced at the eleven brothers who were following him.

“Brothers, follow me.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Scar directly led his men to rush into the city.

And at this moment, Su Yingxia inside the city, kneeling on one knee, her right hand slightly propped up on the ground, the slightest bit of blood striking the corner of her mouth.

However, there was no fear in her eyes, she just stared at the stone carving of the monster dragon in a daze.

The big explosion just now was precisely Su Yingxia’s backhanded attack against it in order to get rid of the **chasing attack.

But after one blast, Su Yingxia knew that she had suffered a secret loss.

That force was simply too strong, and without her being fully prepared, it was obvious that she was somewhat foolish to try to resist it hard.

“Gryphon, you do have two tricks up your sleeve.”

The strange dragon laughed softly and coldly.

Su Yingxia’s teeth clenched: “You also have two tricks up your sleeve.”

“I would like to see that, but I am afraid that you won’t have that chance.”

With those words, he fiercely drank, and another ** lunged directly towards Su Yingxia.

Su Yingxia frowned, she had already suffered a loss on this once, this time, it was obviously impossible to fall in the same place again.

Therefore, Su Yingxia directly mobilised all the energy in her body and tried to blast her opponent without reservation.

But just as she had finished condensing her energy and was about to make her move.

Suddenly, a figure fiercely sprang out from behind her, and then she saw that figure blocking directly in front of her in the blink of an eye, hardening herself against that fierce **attack.

“Madam, Scar is late in saving the day, please forgive me!

Who else could it be but Scar?

The golden armor was hard against the fire at this point, but the superb temperature instantly made the entire armor red.

Scar, the big fool, the golden armour was to a certain extent making him almost invulnerable to swords and spears and invincible in defence.

But in the end, it could not resist the flames.

Su Yingxia also looked anxious and angry, angry of course at this guy’s recklessness, but also anxious because he so sacrificed himself to save himself, his own safety but ……

“Madam, don’t mind me, I have a rotten life, beat him.” Scar knows Su Yingxia worry about himself, at this time gritted his teeth to hold on to the pain, shouted at Su Yingxia.

Looking at Scar’s eyes, Su Yingxia also snapped out of it.

Yes, she could not be swayed by her emotions, the most important thing at the moment was obviously to attack the strange dragon.


Otherwise, Scar’s act of storing his body would also be meaningless and become useless.

Thinking of this, Su Yingxia didn’t hesitate to use all her strength and aimed her blow at the stone dragon.


A huge wave of Qi erupted directly from Su Yingxia’s hand!

Scar was almost on the verge of suffocating from the pain, even though Han Qianqian had long ago injected a lot of energy into the golden armour in advance, aiming for the golden armour to be on the verge of hitting the judge and the others in the face.

But those energies would only be able to inherently consume a character of Judges’ level.

The previous battle also itself made those energies almost disappear.

Now, facing this attack from the strange dragon, which was not known to be many notches higher, where it could hold out ……


The golden armor shattered under the heat, and Su Yingxia’s attack also reached the monster dragon ……