His True Colours Chapter 4734


The envoy received his orders and immediately arranged for his men to redirect the attack.

Subsequently, a bugle call rang out from the troops and the overall attack changed completely.

The front line troops were still charging, but the middle line troops located behind them had begun to fly directly into the sky one by one and quickly crossed the trenches to attack directly towards Han Qianqian.


A large number of men and horses leapt directly over the trenches, which were only a few metres wide and were no obstacle at all to them.

The envoy and the elders were sitting on their horses at this point, staring intently at the battle.

They wanted to see what kind of trick Han Qianqian had used and was waiting for them there.


Looking at the enemy coming directly across the trenches on the opposite side, Han Qianqian laughed coldly.

He took two slight steps back and waited for the gang to land just after they crossed the trench, and gave a direct shake in his hand.




Suddenly, a group of about five hundred iron horsemen appeared directly in front of Han Qianqian.

These men were dressed in golden armour and treaded on fierce beasts, appearing like a golden dazzle that almost blinded people.

But even more terrifying than the visual impact was the impact from this group of iron horsemen.

They were almost unstoppable, and the oversized bodies of the beasts, combined with the lances in the hands of the golden knights, were like a wall of thorns. The gang of black-clad men who had just landed on the ground were instantly swept directly to the edge of the trenches by the tremendous impact before they could reflect what was happening.

They were knocked into the trenches, and even those who did not fall were left hanging from the lances, looking miserable.

“So that’s it!” The elder frowned.

At a length of a hundred or so metres, the cavalrymen were just charging up to speed, so that even

they were flying past more men in black again, they could only stand a limited number of people because of their limited space, and those limited people were completely defenseless against the cavalry rushing up at speed.

So the end result was that their own men were pushed under the trenches and once again became food for the monster’s mouth.

“Elder, this Han 3,000 is really something, to be so tactical.”

“His trenches block our army from attacking straight on, and if our army were to turn and leap over the trenches, they would again be blocked by this cavalry of his… I have to admit one thing, even though our army has a huge advantage in numbers, they really can’t play on this tactical arrangement of his.” The envoy nodded.

The Elder smiled gently, “Although the Heavenly Demon Fortress is only a marginal city to us, there is always a force of ours in it. Do you really think he, Han Qianqian, can

slaughter the Heavenly Demon Fortress, relying only on his courage and extraordinary personal strength?”

With these words, the elder pointed to his own head, “And this…”

The envoy nodded obediently, “His tactical skills are indeed very high, only, what I don’t quite understand is where exactly did this cavalry come from, from beginning to end, I haven’t seen their presence at all. Even in the past three days, I have paid attention to the increase and decrease of personnel in this Night Sky City, but there has not been any abnormality.”

“Moreover, as you saw just now, Elder, we didn’t see them in ambush on the battlefield either, they just appeared out of thin air.”

Looking at the envoy’s puzzled look, the elder smiled naturally, “If you can find out simply, then what is Han Qianqian still called Han Qianqian, it would be better to call it a cat or a dog.”

Thinking carefully

If Han Qianqian was so easy to see through, I am afraid that he would not have been able to create so many glories and miracles.

“My subordinate has been taught.”

“To deal with Han Qianqian, think of him as strong enough, and at the same time, don’t be overly unconfident, for you will always suffer at his hands.” The elder laughed.

The envoy nodded, the meaning of the words could not be more obvious, to withstand blows and not to overestimate one’s enemy.

“So, what do we do next?” The envoy asked, “Do we adjust our attack? I fear that our currently hampered offensive will not be of any substance.”

The Elder did not answer immediately, his brow furrowing slightly as if he too was pondering what approach to take.

After a moment, he suddenly smiled ……