His True Colours Chapter 4710

With a single word, not only did that envoy laugh, but also everyone around him laughed out loud.

“This kid is so f*cking disgusting, what kind of words just come out of his mouth? My God, does he have a bottom line or not?”

“f*ck, blowing up makes me want to go up and hit him. But, then again, he can brag to such an extent, in fact, is also one of his merits ah, after all, you and I do not have such a thick skin, you and I have no guts, also not as big as his, people no matter how to say, now at least pretend to, at the peak, as for what will happen after, each person pursues different well, some people just want to splendidly over.”

“That’s true, he still has merit. It’s just that the IQ of a braggart is not considered high.”

A group of people spoke eloquently, and even though the words nowadays are starting to praise Han Qianqian from a different perspective, this praise, too, is clearly

The kind that is condescending and full of contempt.

“Did you hear that? This is the best response to what you just said.” He laughed coldly and pointed a large hand at the crowd.

Han Qianqian laughed and shook his head, “How strong a person is is never made by fighting for himself, not by others blowing it out of proportion, don’t you think?”

“Good, kid, don’t say that I won’t give you a chance, now, I’ll give you a chance to strike first.”

As the words fell, the man held his lance in his hand with a slight hand, in a stance of no longer attacking, just sitting on his horse and looking at Han Qianqian with disdain.

“Originally, I really didn’t want to take advantage of you for this. After all, you are nothing more than that in my eyes. But then again, I have a buyer present today and need to show off a bit, so I’ll accept this favour from you. I will only use fifty percent of my force for my first attack against you, so I will consider it an advantage and return some of it to you.” Han

San Qian said.

The man laughed again at his words, “What kind of brat are you, are you really bad in the head? You still have fifty percent f*cking strength, f*ck!”

Regardless of the man’s abuse, Han Qianqian did not care at all, and with a slight movement in his hand, purple lightning condensed in his palm.

“Prince Lone.” Han Qianqian called out in a soft voice.

Lone Chu was visibly stunned, not even thinking that he would be called by Han Qianqian’s name at this moment.

“What is it, sir?”

“This so-called envoy, as I can see, should be an extremely important figure in your area, right?”

From the moment he appeared and the crowd forbade him to make way, Han Qianqian guessed that this guy was the fear of many people inside.

Lone Chu didn’t deny it either and nodded, “Precisely.”

“Although the special envoy is not from Night Sky City, Night Sky City is within its jurisdiction, so to speak, if Night Sky City is at the whim of Lord Luo City

, then, the large area contained within Night Sky City is under the envoy’s command.”

Han Qianqian nodded, so it was no wonder why even the Lord of Luo City had to pay taxes like this envoy, and he dared not speak out in anger in the face of the high taxes.

“Then if I kill this guy with the god-grade gongfu I’m going to sell you, I guess that’s enough to prove that my gongfu is real?”


With a single sentence, it directly blew Lone Chu and everyone else out of the water.

What the hell, this guy suddenly popped his head up to mess with the envoy, surprisingly …… just to prove that the gongfa he had in his hand was a god grade gongfa?

Although this was indeed the most straightforward way to prove it, this kind of proof was too D*mn outrageous and arrogant, right?

This sells knives to prove that the knife is fast, directly take the knife to kill the tiger, you can’t even say that this play is clear, it is simply exaggerated

It’s just exaggerated to the extreme.

Moreover, there was an even more frightening layer of meaning in these words, this guy was going to kill the envoy!!!

Ah the envoy!

That was a super big man that everyone didn’t even dare to offend, but this guy was going to kill others straight out of his mouth.

To call him a madman would be an insult to madmen!

“Sir, you …… don’t have to do this, you are like this, this will only invite endless trouble for yourself.” Lone Chu was a little anxious.

Although it was none of his business, hearing these words, he still could not help but feel deeply worried for Han Qianqian.

However, Han Qianqian did not think so and smiled gently, “Trouble? The trash in front of him is worthy of being called trouble? If he is called trouble, then wouldn’t I, Han Qianqian, be haunted by trouble every day?”

“What? You …… you …… are Han Qianqian?” Lone Chu was shocked ……