His True Colours Chapter 4752

“A way to break the enemy?”

Hearing this, the servant girl visibly froze, and was then filled with contempt, “Master, are you joking with Ming’er?”

Han Qianqian had admitted it himself, he didn’t have any way to deal with it at all, it was clear that he was just muddling through, what kind of broken solution could he have?!

“Father, what do you mean by that?” Luo Ying’er also opened her mouth and couldn’t help but ask.

“There’s a poem called, “Others laugh at me for being too crazy, I laugh at others for not being able to see through it. Originally, I shared the same view as you all, from the original anxiety for him to the final complete abandonment, I also thought that this Han Qianqian was afraid that he was out of luck and was waiting there for a chance to escape. But through some of your conversations today, it seems that I have also commonly seen that, however, when you think about it, this is indeed a high level move.” Luo Jin laughed.

“My lord, I don’t understand a word you’re saying.” The servant girl became even more confused.

Luo Ying’er was also

trying hard to recall her father’s words, but she really couldn’t understand what Han Qianqian’s high trick was and what it was about.

“There are some things that can only be understood, but not spoken.” Luo Jin smiled and waved his head, “Besides, Han Qianqian has this in mind, so if I were to say it out loud, I would be adding to his confusion. Since I want him to win, naturally, I don’t want to cause any more trouble.”

Looking at Luo Jin, Luo Ying’er and the servant girl were anxious.

“Master, just tell us.”

“Yes, father, my daughter is also eager to know.”

“It’s not like we’re outsiders, Master, we promise we won’t mention it to anyone else.”

Although Luo Ying’er was not as cheeky as her servant girl, the obvious nod through clenched teeth already indicated her inner desire.

Seeing the two maids like this, Luo Jin did not rush to answer, instead, he put his head together and looked back at the mansion.

Immediately afterwards, he smiled deliberately and spoke, “Alright, a little thirsty, go to the inner room and pour me a cup of tea.”

How could the two women not understand the meaning of this, and they happily followed Luo Jin back to the inner room.

At that moment, outside the Night Sky City.

The battle was still raging, with Night Sky City as the centre, and the sky was ablaze on all sides.

“Envoy, after another night of our consumption, the enemy army is now clearly in a tired state, and I believe that another day at this rate, the enemy army will lose its fighting strength.”

Inside the camp tent, the subordinate promptly reported the situation on the battlefield.

The envoy nodded, judging from the current offensive situation, it was to be expected that there would be today’s achievement.

Although it was that slow.

“Envoy, if we are to be quick, we can certainly rush the enemy more fragmented by stepping up a wave, do you see a need for that?” The subordinate said.

“There is no need

No more, the advantage is with me and the situation is with me, take your time and fight with Han Qianqian, what is our hurry if they are not in a hurry?” The envoy said.

“The envoy has a point, my subordinates are taught. Then I will go and pa*s on the order to inform everyone to attack according to the original plan.”

“Wait a moment.” The envoy called out to his subordinate, and then said, “What about the intelligence inside the city? Has there been any movement from Han Qianqian’s side?”

“Envoy, it’s almost the same as what I reported to you before, this Han Qianqian has checked into a restaurant and booked a private room since the battle started. At first, he drank with Luo Jin for the night.”

“After that, he stayed in the private room, dishevelled and depressed.”

The envoy frowned slightly, “Would he be depressed? It’s unlikely. The rabbit wants to bite when it’s anxious, and he’s a capable man, so how could he just lie down? It’s a trick, isn’t it?”

“It should have been, even everyone thought so, so Luo was close in

The rest of the day was spent running to the private room with nothing to do, but guess what happened?”

The envoy smiled, rather interested, “Tell me about it.”

“Loki took a nose dive. Of course, if that wasn’t the most ridiculous thing, then what was even more ridiculous was the fact that Luo Ying’er, Luo Jin’s daughter, went forward to find Han Qianqian at the risk of being pointed out to her.”

The envoy frowned: “I heard that at the auction, Luo Ying’er had paid a large sum of money to buy Han Qianqian, who was still pretending to be a slave at the time. I think she went to Han Qianqian because she wanted to advise him, right? This Luo Jin is fortunate to have a very smart daughter.”

“Yes, but not only was she also disliked by Han Qianqian when she went there, but Han Qianqian gave an expulsion order straight away, which didn’t kill the two girls.”

“There is still this matter?” This time, the envoy was interested, and a hook hand called his subordinate back ……