His True Colours Chapter 4731

Han Qianqian did not say anything and waited quietly.

“Your Excellency put down your weapon, apologise to my subordinates and admit your mistake, after which I can promise your Excellency that I will leave a whole corpse for you, which will also be a successful conclusion to your once mighty life.”

“Of course, you can also not choose, but then, I will have to let you die a very miserable death, to draw a very miserable end to your life.”

Han Qianqian frowned and said softly, “Are you that confident that you will win?”

“Not confident, just simply telling the truth. Perhaps, in other places you do have a chance to win, but here, you really don’t have any chance.”

Han Sanchi wondered, “Why is that? Just because this is a place under your jurisdiction? Don’t forget, the sky

Devil’s Castle’s those people are also on their own turf.”

“You do have the home field advantage, but that won’t mean anything either.”

The Elder smiled, “Your Excellency is unaware that the fundamental reason I can be so confident is not because this is our home turf, but because in fact Night Sky City is the military stronghold of our ministry.”

“You may think that our little Night Sky City is just a mainly merchant city and does not have much military strength at all, but that is not the case.”

“In other words, just because of the huge amount of wealth produced here, it is for us where our real lifeline lies.”

“Therefore, we need to focus on defending Night Sky City so that no one can cause damage to it.”

“Therefore, the forests of Night Sky City are both created by us to give Night Sky City

a natural barrier and a place we use to hide a large number of troops.”

Han Qianqian smiled, “I see, in that case, I’ve broken into a den of thieves.”

The elder was not angry, “You can only blame yourself for your bad luck. You could have overthrown the Heavenly Demon Fortress, or you could have defeated the Demon Cloud Ghost City, or even taken over everything else.”

“However, there is a degree to everything, you can only hang around the periphery and definitely not dye the inner city.”

“Now, it’s time for you to pay the price.”

With those words, he raised his hand slightly, and all the black shadows around him took a direct attack stance at once.

“Then we’ll see.” Han Qianqian smiled coldly and followed with his hands behind his back.

“Kill!” The envoy shouted.

The next second, in front of Han Qianqian, beside the envoy and the elders

of the black shadows ran directly towards Han Qianqian.

“The fight is on, the fight is on!”

“This time we’ll have something to watch.”

“Grandma, I came to the event to buy something, but I didn’t know that I wouldn’t be able to buy a single thing, and I didn’t expect that I would be a f*cking spectator.”

“However, this drama is really exciting enough, after all, it is the power behind us against Han Qianqian ah, heavenly thunder against earthly fire, some times may not have such an opportunity in a lifetime.”

“Yeah, I f*cking bought Han Qianqian to win, although I don’t expect Han Qianqian to win the money for me at all, but that’s what makes buying exciting, fun and exciting enough.”

“f*ck it, what if Han 3,000 wins?”

“That’s right, haha, what do you call it? It’s normal to lose, it’s like paying for a ticket to watch!

If you win, it’s a good enough show and exciting enough, and you’ve won your f*cking money.”

The group of spectators were very happy and the more they said, the more excited they became.

They didn’t have a strong idea of who was going to lose or win, they were simply playing from a spectator’s point of view.

Although Han Qianqian had offended many people during the auction, once they all knew that this man was Han Qianqian, they didn’t actually make any half-hearted accusations against him.

Nowadays, it’s simply a matter of watching the warrior take on the forces behind himself.

And at this time, Han Qianqian, looking at the large number of black shadows coming towards him in front of him but without the slightest panic, still proudly looking at the group with his hands behind his back.

“Come on, the faster you come, the faster I guarantee you will die.”

Looking at the enemies who are getting closer and closer to him, Han Qianqian said in a cold voice ……