His True Colours Chapter 4768

The troops, marching in haste, were well disciplined.

They travelled “across the mountains and across the sea”.

“Hurry up, hurry up, we have to reach our designated position before dawn, according to the latest orders.”

“I know that our destination is close at hand, but we need to know what our situation is, so no one should give up their guard and move faster.”


“Darkness detachment.”


“Disengage troops immediately and get into position as planned.”


“Clear the wind detachment.”


“First thing tomorrow morning, I want to see what was supposed to be there. Remember, I want details, preferably down to the minute.”


“Where is the nightmare detachment?”


“Move out immediately, and remember, you will not begin your operations until after the Clearwind detachment has completed its mission.”

“My subordinates understand.”

“This time, I don’t want to say anything else, all I want to tell you is that people want faces and trees want skins, since we are here, let’s play our part well, once how forgotten we were, now we are going to tell the world how loud and clear our reputation is, do you hear me clearly?”


The troops responded in unison, with an aura of power.

“Good, in that case, let’s set off.”

With a wave of her hand, the troops once again accelerated their progress and continued to split up, heading in the same direction but with a different objective.

It was like the diversion of the sea, the main stream was still raging, but the diversions were also roaming the world.

Dawn breaks.

Scar slowly opened his eyes, although Hai Jin had already told him to rest so that he would be refreshed to deal with the enemy tomorrow, but what was wrong was that his eyes had been closed for several hours.

He did not even feel like sleeping.

Now, when he saw the last of the light tearing through the darkness and beginning to spread across the land, he knew that the battle was about to begin.

“Immediately inform all brothers to brace themselves and prepare to meet the enemy!”


With one loud command, waking up the entire troop, Scar came to the front of the position.

For the first time, it was unprecedentedly quiet in front of the position. Unlike the previous twenty-four hour non-stop attacks, this night, after midnight, it was completely quiet.

With no one attacking, the empty battlefield actually looked a little unusually eerie.

The members of the Polar Bear Legion who had been woken up also began to set up their positions, and although everyone was visibly tired, not a single person complained.

“Commander, it’s really the quiet before the storm, after fighting for so many days, it’s a bit uncomfortable to suddenly be this quiet.” The subordinate walked up to Scar

beside him and said with a bitter smile.

“There are no outsiders at this time, so don’t call me commander and chief.” Scar smiled gently and asked, “Are you afraid?”

The subordinate smiled, “You said that even if you are afraid, you are not afraid. Who wouldn’t be afraid of death? However, we have seen a lot of life and death since we were licking blood at the tip of the sword when we followed you in the Sky Demon Fort. So yeah, it’s all about death, what’s the point!”

Scar nodded, smiled and patted his shoulder, several of his trusted subordinates were naturally his trusted brothers who used to follow him around: “I didn’t let you guys eat and drink well when I brought you to work in the Heavenly Demon Castle, and we even had to hide in the darkness like rats. ”

“But I promise you, if there is an afterlife, big brother will take you

I promise you, if there is an afterlife, I will take you to eat and drink.”

“Brother, what are you talking about? Ever since we joined the Polar Bears, we have all thought about our future destiny. Besides, even if we die in battle, it’s better than starving to death or being killed in the past. The subordinate laughed.

Scar nodded, “Good brother, nothing more to say, if there is an afterlife, I am still willing to be your brother.”

“Brother, take care of yourself later on the battlefield.”

“Brother, you too, we all depend on the fate of God, if we can survive, let’s drink a day of pain.”


Along with their bold words, light broke through the darkness, and the unique sunlight of the demon race shone on the earth, and suddenly dawn had arrived.

“All of you, on my command!”

Scar shouted, and ten thousand golden riders responded in unison.