His True Colours Chapter 4727

Not destroying the dragon vein means they can’t die at all, so the ceiling level would pretty much have to be a draw.

This would also be based on the fact that Han 3,000 could be used up without being severely depleted.

However, Han Qianqian wasn’t worried and smiled gently, “I don’t believe I’ll lose, and I don’t believe Lord Luo City will place a meaningless bet, there’s always a way, right?”

Luo Jin said, “The demonic qi in the dragon veins is not invincible.”

“I know.”

“But what Mr. Han doesn’t know is the weakness behind it.”

Han Qianqian nodded, and it was that aspect of the answer he wanted, “I would like to hear more about it.”

“There must be a reason for everything, and there must be a constant in all the ages. Has it ever occurred to Mr. Han that the more extensive something is, the weaker its own characteristics tend to be?”

Just as

something like poison, the more powerful the poison, the less naturally contagious** it is, and conversely, the more contagious the poison, the weaker the poisonous action tends to be.

Earth science is called conservation of energy; in this Eight Wastelands world, it is called the balance of yin and yang.

“Then the weakness of these demonic qi is?”

“It is so widely distributed that it has even given birth to a forest here, seemingly immensely powerful, but in reality it is nothing more than an internal strength.”

“I see.” Han Qianqian nodded.

“If Mr. Han wants to win, it is not impossible, as long as you can be as powerful as a rainbow, one, two, and then two, three, you will surely make its demonic qi supply insufficient, and by then, it will be nothing more than a plaything for Mr. Han to hold at will.”

So, according to Luo Jin’s plan, Han Qianqian should have attacked fiercely.

Only an ultra-fierce and fierce attack could make

opponent’s too-long supply of battle lines for a while, and once such an unfulfillable hole appeared, that was when Invincible was broken.

Just like the Golden Bell Shield Iron Cloth Mountain, as long as you have a cover door, then seize it and attack fiercely and frantically, the Vajra Invincibility is just empty talk.

This is how to hit someone where it hurts.

“But excuse me for saying so, Mr. Han now, not only does he not have the slightest intention to attack fiercely, even …… active defense is not active enough, wanting to win, is not a fool’s dream?”

Luo Jin truly anxious for Han Qianqian.

In Luo Jin’s heart, Han Qianqian is a person who has slaughtered cities and destroyed dragon veins, naturally, he has the strength and experience.

Therefore, it was only natural that his chances of success in the end were high.

But by chance, Han Qianqian was not the least bit

rea*sured that the project was going to be completed with an impossible number of people, and he himself now had nothing to bring himself out to drink.

This was not even half the look of a duel to the death.

Faced with Luo Jin’s accusation, Han Qianqian was not the least bit angry, let alone the least bit bothered, instead he laughed and raised his wine cup, “Lord Luo, don’t think about changing things that can’t be changed, come, tonight you and I have a destiny, drink him without getting drunk.”

Luo Jin was speechless, but seeing that Han Qianqian had already raised his cup and drained it in one gulp, he could only sigh and drink along with him.

The night was even longer than Luo had imagined, and the two of them drank until almost dawn the next day.

The table was full of wine jars and the room was filled with the smell of wine.

Luo’s face was red and his eyes were drunk, and Han Qianqian was basically the same.

The only thing is that Han Qianqian’s face is smiling, while Luo Jin’s face is full of sadness.

“Mr. Han, in another quarter of an hour, it will be dawn, and I believe that the special envoy will soon be killing back here with a large group of men, so would you …… like to go to the fortifications outside the city? I am really worried that the gang of workers ……”

Hey, he really didn’t want to say anymore, even if the workers finished, so what?

He shouldn’t even talk about it much.

Those things don’t do a D*mn thing ……

Han Qianqian smiled as he opened his hazy sleepy eyes and got up, “No, what’s there to see, by the way, Lord Luo Cheng, wait here for me for a few minutes.”

“Mr. Han, at the risk of asking, what do you …… want?”